FOTD :Sunflowers for Ukraine

Peace, Love and Sunflowers!

It´s all in the news. War is real now here in Europe, especially in Ukraine. I spoke to some of my friends who are Ukrainians and I feel their fear, worry and despair. It is not a joke in these times. Can we rewind back the times and remember the war stories and tragedies?

Nobody wins in war after all….

I find it even hard how to explain the war to my child. I mean, how do you find reason for something like this?

And so, my entry for this week´s FOTD (Flower of the Day) is the Sunflower, the endless charming yellow sunflower. My friend came from Ukraine but she now lives here in Germany with her son. Her parents still lives there and when the war breaks out, her mother & grandmother flees to Germany. The father is still there, ready to fight when worst comes to worst. Not a happy scenario and the news everyday never gets better.In fact, it´s escalating.

Peace is nowhere there in Ukraine but these Sunflowers reminds us of Peace and hope that this war will end.

Wild like a flower, warm like the sun..”

So I thought of Sunflowers, for in fact that they are the national flower of Ukraine. They symbolizes sunshine, endless hope and happiness for me. I love them in summer time and it´s my yearly tradition to cycle through the sunflower fields every summer and gather a bunch. I love putting them in a large vase and just staring at their beauties.

My favourite is when they face the sun and just enjoy the sunshine…all throughout their cycle. Even the wilted sunflowers are pretty because they are still intact, resilient to the morning frosts in Autumn.

Sunflower-Ukraine´s symbol of resistance, hope and Unity

Sunflowers are really special flowers in Ukraine. My friend loves them and she relates to me why.In the summer of 1996, sunflowers were planted by officials at the Pervomaysk missile base in southern Ukraine to mark the removal of nuclear weapons from the country.

Because of the recent events, this beautiful yellow flower holds much more than it´s ornamental charm.
Just a bunch of Sunflowers going wild in the sun!

I tried painting a Sunflower well as a tribute for peace for the war in Ukraine. I know I cannot even replicate it´s true beauty but it reminds me the value of precious lives now being torn apart because of the war there. Spring is just around the corner and the flowers would eventually starts blooming again…but I wonder if there would be Sunflowers which will bloom in Summer in Ukraine….

Sunflowers are called ” sunyashniki” in Ukrainian language.As the war goes on, so many images of sunflowers are spreading in social media to show the solidarity with Ukraine.A popular seed company starts a very good cause of selling Sunflower seed and part of its proceeds will go to the Red Cross to support Ukraine. They called it “Sunflowers for Support“.

Sunflowers for Ukraine

The world of Sunflower Fields in Bavaria

Summer is gone but Sunflower is smiling!

Yellow Sunflower and it´s charm

And there was all Yellow!

Endless Yellow Fields in Bavaria, Germany

12 thoughts on “FOTD :Sunflowers for Ukraine

  1. If my memory serves me right, these miraculous flowers can even absorb nuclear radiation (from the soil). So people plant them in high-risk areas. May the sunflowers can bloom again in Ukraine!

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  2. Beautiful flowers and a moving reason to share them. I have a friend in Ukraine – not in the worst hit area but he has heard some shelling in his city. His wife doesn’t want to leave even though they have friends in Germany who have invited them. I hope he will be OK 🌻🌻🌻

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  3. Yes, there are so many reasons to like sunflowers aren’t there. They signify happiness and therefore, hope. I don’t know how the families who’s menfolk have stayed in Ukraine are coping. This situation is terribly sad and worrisome.

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