CFFC: Birds for Peace

This is my entry for this week´s Cee´s CFFC Photo Challenge. Birds

From wandering and constant running, I see birds of different kinds. I love to watch birds as they fly high and make their flights. My kid loves ducks. She even searched for the Pokemon Duck called “Anton”.If we took a walk, it´s for sure that she will feed them as well.When birds flocks, she will definitely chase them.

One time I ran out of bread and I brought some pancakes. Is it okay to feed birds with leftover pancakes, right? I mean it won´t do any harm. But them she got angry at me and said; “Mama, please don´t feed the birds with pancakes, they will have stomachache…” Okay then, we only bring some stale bread.

In Winter we have lots of birds flying over the Danube and it´s a common urge to watch them, how they move and how do they do their thing. One of the unforgettable time I had was watching birds when the lake froze.It´s really a wonder of nature.Over the years the lake doesn´t freeze anymore. And this year, we have little snow.

Migratory birds are also special because you know that they come and go through the course of nature.They know exactly when to leave and when to come back.

Birds in general symbolizes freedom and eternal power. Perhaps because they can soar in the skies naturally. They have wings and they can go to places. Many kids would say ” I wanna fly like a bird…”

A morning chat

Few kilometers away from where I live is a lake called Baggersee and I often do my morning runs there. During misty mornings in Autumn and winter I have seen the chaos of birds flying. The sounds they make is really disturbing. A flock of loud gossipers! Sometimes I regret that I don´t have my camera with me so I can take a proper photo of their business.

Alone in the Danube river
Sunbathing on a cold, but sunny winter day.
A trip to Venice won´t be complete if you don´t bird-watch in the St. Mark´s Square
I love the way they do it in the islands, alone and free from the crowds.
You know what they say about ” Birds of the same feather…flock together…”
She looked rather unusual, but fierce. Spotted this Falcon here in Bavaria

This bird Art wall along the Gulf Road in Kuwait stands for something.But in general, birds are representation and often used for symbolism for many countries. Birds are also used in most coat of arms as well. White Doves stands for Peace and it always signals a good luck and harmony for newly wedded couples.

I wish it would rain Doves now in Russia and Ukraine, you know. Perhaps it can distract them to stop the war.

White Stork is the national bird of Ukraine and it symbolize the whole country in general. Here in Germany, it´s the “Adler“,Hieraatus spilogaster , or the Black Eagle (Federal Eagle).

Does it mean the Eagle is stronger than the White Stork?

But Russia´s national Bird is the Double-Headed Eagle…is it more powerful or what?

Praying for peace and here in Germany, we say “Alles gute..!”

Until then, Tschüss.

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