FOTD: Flora, saving the last dance

Last dance of the season for `Sonnenhut Echinacea

Autumn is in full bloom here in Bavaria and I am still trying to embrace the cold. I am loving the dim lights, the flickering yellow sun and fragile rays on a sunny Autumn day. I took a long run the other day and I really enjoyed the colorful foliage, yellow orange leaves of the trees and watching the thick fog slowly dissapear. I am bent on chasing the Fog once again. I guess thats the perk of waking up early, kissing the dews and inhaling the almost frigid wind almost everyday.Summer has been so quick for us, unapologetic and swift with it´s sombre goodbye. Nevertheless I have to thank once again nature for reminding me that this cycle must go on.

No matter what, look up.

As I hold on to my camera I thought it would be nice to once again be up close and personal with nature. I am surprised by the results, again amazed that I have discovered a hidden facets of a very normal, quite dreary sight which a normal passers-by would never take a second look.

So fascinating, I never knew that the core of the Poppy flowers have an almost excellent symmetry. Just look how perfect the dimensions and composition of it.With 12 equal divisions, nature embraces linearity, a really bizarre aspect of flowers.This beautiful seed pod is exquisitely important for the next breeding. Thinking of it, it´s like it´s the ovary of the next generation of Poppy flowers in my neighborhood which will grace our next summer .That´s why they said, when the petals are gone, hold on to it´s seed pod.

Absolutely an almost perfect crown

I must admit I quite enjoyed blowing some of these featherly fluffy flowers.The wind blew them all away in an instant and I have no idea where they landed, probably in few kilometers away, probably in my neighbour´s garden.

Untangled freely feathery plant

This post is inspired by Cee´s Flower of the Day Challenge- October.

Until then, Tschüss.

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