Flower of the Day-June 29-Sunflowers-Sonnenblumen

Sunflowers in Bavaria

I know it´s definitely Summer when I see the Sunflower fields. There are many locations here in Ingolstadt where I see luscious, and bright sunflower fields. It´s a joy to see them especially when I am cycling. I just can´t resist but to stop and make photos, or an obligatory selfie.Every year it becomes a tradition for us to visit these fields .

Sunflower fields in Bavaria

Big, bright yellow petals and beaming with beauty, and they can be so huge too. Over here they can even grow over as 2 meters! I would normally cycle to the sunflower fields with my daughter and we pick up some. In these fields, we can pick and cut our own sunflowers and just toss the coins to pay for it.

Sunflower fields in Bavaria

What flower reminds you of Summer?

This post is inspired by Cee´s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge. What a great inspiration a single flower everyday can bring to our lives.

Need more Flower inspiration?Here are some of my favourites…

Enchanted Botanical Garden in Münich

Hanging Gardens in the Netherlands

Summer blooms in Bavaria

The Colors of Summer in Bavaria

Forever Yellow fields in Bavaria

Natur Inspiration-Landesgartenshau-Ingolstadt

Until then, Tschüss!

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