German word of the day : Blumenfreund, der

Blumenfreund, der -maskulin ; jemand der Blumen liebt or someone who love plants & flowers

I read somewhere that in the US; they have such a thing like ” Happy Plant a Flower day“. I think it´s an awesome idea. Now I need to mark this in my calendar for March. I am a plant lover and always excited when Spring comes.This month is a perfect time to welcome Spring vibes, especially seeing some colorful seeds, bulbs and early spring blooms everywhere.

I have planted some spring blooms in a big pot. It´s the first sign that spring is coming over here. People grab these tiny blooms and squeezed them in a basket or in big pot to welcome spring.I am convert since I came here in Germany. I just become more and more into a plant lover throughout the years.

Anyway, for our German word for the day, I choose “Blumenfreund” . I love this word. Mainly this describe me so well. I am a type of person who gets easily happy by the sight of flowers, plants, and gardens.It´s a happy place for me and I can explore through the plants with all delight. I don´t mind my hands getting dirty from working in the garden and kneeling to weed off , it gives me pure satisfaction.

I think nobody is sad when given with beautiful bunch of flowers. For women, it always brings a smile when we are pampered with roses or a special bouquet during special occasions. Sometimes I find it though expensive to buy bouquets but the feeling of smelling the flowers and looking at the magnificent arrangement is also priceless.

Let´s talk about reality, I mean when you die, you can never appreciate anymore the flowers in your funeral , right?You can never smell them, or feel their petals.So when you have all the chance in the world, smell all the roses, look at the lovely Irises, or even just sit in front of a pot of spring blooms on a cool spring day.For me, that is pure happiness…

Last friday, I got a bunch of red Tulips from supermarket and it´s now sitting in the vase in the dining table.Today we cut the tall and unruly hedges in the garden and that really drains me. I feel tired but I feel glad to see that the tulips bulbs I planted last Fall had now grown. The leaves are out and yellow daffodils are blooming.It is befinning to look like Spring….finally.

We have a small garden and I´m thinking what to plant more this year. Yes, sunflowers are on my list, and vegetable garden needs to be prepared and re-planted as well. Last year, my zuchinni , eggplants, chili, paprika and Herb garden went so well so I am planning to do them again when the soil is frost-free again.

I´ve checked our “Hochbeet” and I was so happy to see that the garlic bulbs I planted last Autumn really grew! so as the spring onions!Even the strawberries from last year grew some tiny leaves now. Everything is coming back to life. My practical side is this ; everything from kitchen leftovers such as luticolored lettuce, onion leeks, avocado seeds, Bokchoi and tomatoes ends up in the garden!

Blumenfreund is a beautiful word, a state of being that I always indulge. It doesn´t cost that much, but it improves my mood anyday.For me, plant teraphy is a real thing.Have you ever pondered how you react when someone gaves you flowers? Or your kid suddenly suprised you with a bunch of wild flowers she gather from the park, field or from hiking?

It´s because scientifically, our brain reacts when we see flowers or received one. It triggers to release chemicals, or happiness hormones as they say. When we received flowers, our brain releases the chemicals –Dopamine.No wonder flowers works wonders with apologies, recovering from sickness, and for showing our affection to loved-ones. I believe that every birthday is even more meaningful with flowers as same as having cake to eat and candles to blow!

When we are hiking in the Dolomites mountains in Italy, my daughter gather wild flowers and she specifically wanted me to bring it back home with us. It makes my heart glad. It´s a simple but heartfelt “Blumenfreunde”. As the famous saying ” When words fails, let flowers speak…” is so true.

Living here in Germany exposed me so much to plants and flowers. In my home country we have a wide variety of tropical plants and flowers and as well orchids. On the other hand here, some wonderful species are also well worth of mentioning. I loved the fact that I don´t need to spend lots of money to grow plants and flowers in the garden.Gardening is one of the best pastimes of German people and they love their gardens which I find a great thing.

Today the sun shines so great and the temperature is so nice.Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and I hope you find yourself some ” Blumenfreunde”.Stay safe. Until then, Tschüss.

3 thoughts on “German word of the day : Blumenfreund, der

  1. That’s a lovely word 🙂 German is so good at combining words to express a new idea. Sometimes that makes it challenging to pronounce for non-native speakers, but these ‘portmanteau’ words carry so much meaning! And you are so right about the positive effects that flowers can have 🙂

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