Why do you love watching Sunrise & Sunsets?


Arabian Gulf Sunset ,never the same,always fascinating.

T H E   B E A U T Y   O F  A   S U N S E T

Are you an early riser? a nature lover?

Do you make an effort to wake up early just to watch the sun rises?

When was the last time you let your eyes wander at the changing palette of the skies when the sun sets?

“Someday you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.”

Personally, I think that you don’t need to be a romantic or a poet to be able to appreciate the magic of watching the sunrise & sunsets. This is one of the most amazing things in our world that we can appreciate everyday, the best things is- It is  FREE!  Life gives us a wonderful slideshow of beautiful nature that is displayed for all of us to see.

One of my favorite Dusk photo of Kuwait,watching the sun sets 

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.”

The beauty of Sunset in Philippines  is also incomparable

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” ~Mohandas Gandhi 

Changing colors of the Sky..Nature’s palette.

Many times that I felt like my eyes are filled with worries about life, I try to watch a sunset and suddenly my mood changes.  It’s a proven mood booster. Then I make it a habit to appreciate the sunrise every morning and gaze with a grateful heart at the sunset at the end of the day. I promise to myself that whenever possible, if I have a chance, then I strive to be an agile sun chaser. I should know where to find the sunrise and sunset times and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once. One of the things that I do whenever I am in a new place is to watch how the sun rises or catch a sunset. It’s the perfect souvenir I am taking in.Watching the sun sets relaxes me and it gives me enough inspiration, enough reason to be grateful to end a healthy day & look forward for another day. Living as an Expat allows me to see different horizons where in the sun creates a natural painting that no artist can ever replicate. If you would check out my camera roll, photos of sunrise and sunsets are abundant. It really become my most favorite subject for photography.

Nowadays that we live in a smartphone era, it is very hard to take away our eyes from our phone that we neglect the beauty that readily awaits for us to see. May your busyness leads you to right vistas, to lasting beauty of sunrise and sunset.

“If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset.”

~Jiddu Krishnamurti 

Where was the last time you watch the sunrise or the sun sets?

Any thoughts about this post? I would appreciate your comments and your share of your own sunrise/sunset moments! Thank you for dropping to read.

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33 thoughts on “Why do you love watching Sunrise & Sunsets?

  1. You are completely right. There is something special about sunrises and sunsets. A few weekends ago I took a trip near a lake. It was supposed to be a very relaxing trip to get away from the city. Instead of sleeping in, to catch up on sleep, I chose to give up a couple hours of sleep in order to experience the sunrise over the lake. It was completely worth it. Thank you for your post!

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  2. I love this post. Sunrises and Sunsets are points of reference for our souls. I see both while I am in the garden and always I have to stop and bask in the glowing light.Thank you for bringing this up.

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  3. I am totally a sun riser. When we are in Bantayan, I wake up super early for a chance to catch the fishermen coming back and it is such a treat for the eyes and the soul. I love that so much, this silence, the incredible beauty of Mother Nature .. For some reasons, it energises me so much, and even if I usually wake up a couple of hours earlier than usual, I am always on such a better mood for the rest of the day 🙂 Beautiful post here (again!), thanks for sharing and have a beautiful week!

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  4. This is so true, and I love to use nature and her unfolding beauty to relax my mind. It sweeps us away into something bigger than ourselves, and as you say we can’t and don’t need to control her😊💕

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  5. Thank you so much.. You made me happy by your comments. I didn’t expect that someone like you would take time to visit my page,let alone spare your time to read my post. Thank you..Your Blog is amazing,the moment I read your writings, I know I need to follow you. You are not just a face, but a sweet soul that inspires.


  6. I knew you are! I knew your personality would be a chaser….a goal-getter! Did I told you that It exudes in your character and in the tone of your writings?
    thanks a bunch for such warm comments.Appreciate you more & more!

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  7. Thank you. When I read your posts I feel kinship with you and I am amazed how we attracted each other with our writings.
    You know how a sun ray (if you gaze at it through your lashes) is composed of a myriad of rainbow fibers? So are we…Same light , different rainbow strands.
    It takes one to see one.

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  8. Really? It’s amazing that you can describe me so well. I am indeed, that’s why the everlasting routine is definitely not my cup of tea (some is always good and reassuring though).
    Your comments about my post on Not making plans already struck me, when you said something about the body AND the mind needing to be still …I was wondering how could you know this is where my challenge lies ? 😉

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  9. I love sunrise and sunset. They are nature’s finest beauty. I’ve been taking photos for 12 years. I’m also fascinated by clouds. Storm clouds and sunsets are always beautiful. You have some beautiful pictures here! Thank you for sharing.

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  11. I love watching the sunrise😍 it is a bueaty I got up early one morning and went out only to see the most beautiful light shine in my face it was the sun rising 🌅over the sea were I live it was Soo beautiful I nearly cried ever since I watch it everyday and loved it💖

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  12. You are right the sunrise is magical 🥺 one day I woke up because I couldn’t sleep and when out side only to see the most beautiful sunrise over the sea 🌅 were I live i couldn’t take my eyes off it it was so beautiful I loved it so much 😍

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