What´s in a view- Rooftop Panoramas

Over the Red roofs in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria

Who doesn´t love a great view?

Me & myself love great views especially from above a mountain or from a tower.The thing is, it always come with great heights and with a price of course. Either you climb hundreds of steps and steep stairs or pay for the expensive elevator ride that comes with it.There´s the thing of pay per view as well. My husband said that when he was on top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, he felt a bit giddy looking on the windows, but also then that the views are amazing.But for me, best thing is still a view that is free.

Over the red Roofs

Memorable ones are the views I had after a mountain hike. Just when your knees are shaking from all that walking and your chest wanted to explode but then wehn you look at the view, your heart is glad. Upon riding the cable car then being on top of the mountain is always a priceless one for me. Looking at the vast beauty of natural landscape, the peaks of mountain ranges, the valleys below, and how tiny people looked from above, it´s priceless.

Another fascinating views are rooftops. While leaving in Kuwait, we were in a apartment 7 floors above so I have always views of my neighbourhood and of course,the beach. I watched the sunrises and dusks, the glowing sunsets as well. Those are engraved to my memory. I remember the rooftops of buildings is full of round, huge satellite disks. On top is a small house and the sight of laundry or carpet hanging on the walls are quite normal.Kuwait skies are always clear so stargazing is really nice if you live on the upper floors.

Brick terracota roofs in Italy

Here in Germany, the views of rooftops are also different. As an expat I found myself always observing and looking for things that are new to me. The roofs here are very different from where I grow up so it makes me really wonder. Up above I find the traditional German roofs very picturesque. There is really something about uniform construction and preserving the old heritage of a city. Combined with the traditional Wood & Timber construction, its one of the reason why old towns are flocked with tourists. What´s so fascinating is the unique roof structure and how old towns looked alike from above. The spires, towers, the old gates and walls makes it all very scenic , picturesque and simply georgeous.

Over the Red Roofs in Bavaria

The views also differes depending on the season. My favourites are views in Autumn and Winter time, where the roofs are coated with white snow, transforming a village into a winter wonderland.I had a tour one time climbing an old tower where we had to climb lots of steps. It was exhausting but I am very curious.From the tiny window in the old watchtower , I can imagine how the watchmen watched over the city during the old days, or when they sounded their flutes and instrument to alert the people during fires or calamities.

Typical German old town
My neighbourhood

The colors of Ochre, bloody orange, sienna and rustic shades are common over here in Bavaria.Most houses and buildings in the old town have the same constructive details, colorful facade and roofing. The Terracota brick shades of roofing in Italy becomes a predominant character as well, making the city have it´s own appeal and charm.

Over the dark Ochre Roofs in Nürnberg, Bavaria

From above, I could see the different patterns of windows and roofs.The rooftop view is very different from the view that you have when you are on the ground or street-level bar. Here, the tiny details meant a lot.The tallest tower, the spire of the other churches, the highest building, and I can even see the roof of the places where I´ve been to!

I don´t think there´s a psychological explanation of why people likes places with a view. Like for example, a roofdeck or a restaurant on top of a hill, or a bar on top of a building. In Hotels, they call it Skylounge or Upper Lounge. It´s more or the satisfaction factor that we feel when we have a nice view while having a drink, eating or just sightseeing.I just love a good view and it doesn´t happen everyday!

In Kuwait, most Villas and housing apartments which has a rooftop has a limited access. Only the tenants or the people living there can access the rooftop. This is usually done and controlled by the Harris–or the Housemeister that we called here in Germany.The thing is, I guess we see better when we are in elevated area so it makes us feel more higher, with a happy feeling like you are on top of the world.

Roofs in Italy

Maybe that´s the same reason why King Ludwig of Bavaria built his dream fairytale Castle, the Neuschwanstein on top of the mountain, hidden, and secluded, and up above .That location on a higher ground probably made him ethereal.He also loved great views!

View from the hill

The houses looked so tiny, like the scale models made by architects.This old town and village looked more like a model and it´s funny to imagine that people are inside, living there, and cars looked like children´s toys.

Look how tiny the triagular row houses with it´s colorful roofs!

Roof tiles of St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna

Nothing beats a colorful tiles of the Stephansdom in Vienna. It´s one of the city´s great landmark and very beautiful in real. I was also smitten by it´s constructive details but then the view from above is spectacular.

Out on top on a foggy day in Autumn
The gray neighbourhood roofs in Salzburg
Snow covered roofs in Ehrwald ,Austria
View on top of the tower in Münich where the Olympic Village looks like tiny terraced boxes
A typical sunny day looking down at the beige and gray roofs in Kuwait city

What´s in your view today?

Happy Monday everyone and until then, Tschüss.

6 thoughts on “What´s in a view- Rooftop Panoramas

  1. Yes, who doesn’t love a view from above?! I think it’s something about seeing the world differently, a new angle on familiar sights. I love your tiled rooftops in shades of ochre and terracotta.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You live in such a nice quaint part of the world! I’m in love with European buildings and the coloured buildings just add something extra. I’m looking out to a park at the moment and watching the trees slowly make their way to a yellow. I’m moving this week though so no more park views.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you…actually I missed the rooftops in my home country and the raw, chaotic but pretty sights in Asia. Europe can be overwhelming and too much concrete sometimes suffocates me :-)))
    Goodluck with the move, over here I feel that Autumn is on its way. Can´t wait for the colors to sprout out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you very much dear Sarah. I will never trade a good view from above. I´ve never been under the sea, scuba diving or deep diving so I really have no experience what´s the view under. But up from above, I felt so free .

    Liked by 1 person

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