Growth | El Sol and My Tyrolean sunset

sunset in tirol

It was sunsets that taught me that beauty is fleeting…only lasts for a couple of moments,

And it was sunrises that showed me that all it takes is patience to experience it all over again…


The little things?

These tiny moments?

They aren’t little…

They are Life’s Giant milestones.


One of my top viewed post is “Why do you love watching Sunsets?” It didn’t surprise me at all because it’s one of my favorite post as well. I, personally loved everything about these little moments when the sun says Adieu and the peace that comes along with it.It’s a personal post for myself. This particular sunset is special. It’s one of the times I watched the sun shyly sets in between the mountains. It’s magical when all the different shades of red, oranges, and yellow and all the other hues mixed with each other creating the most original pallete I’ve ever known. It’s incredible how the sun washed away the houses in the villages , in between the hundreds of pine trees with a gentle glow.

I’m sure I am not the only one who took pictures.

It’s not because it’s a brand New Year that I am opting to have a brand new mindset, but watching a sunset definitely changes the way I look about my growth as a person.

All I knew that growth is clearly visible when your mind is set for appreciating your life for what it is and looking forward. Yes, the sun sets, but in your mind, you know that the sun will come once again…the show begins again once the morning comes.


I’ve read many times that watching a natural beauty doing its own course like sunsets   may boost well-being, increase generosity and enhance life satisfaction. This is one activity that I never get tired of doing, anywhere, given the chance, I know that what matters is for myself to actively engage with the experience. To reap the rewards of that sunset, you need to stop whatever else you’re doing and really notice and appreciate the show in the sky.

This post is also inspired by one of the intriguing Art exhibition that I’ve seen in the amazing Chambers of Wonders  inside the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the “El Sol”.

“El Sol ” by Fernando Romero inside the Chambers of Wonders in Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

“El Sol” is Spanish for “The sun.” Fernando Romero’s installation, is made up of  2,880 custom-made Swarovski crystals, weighing more than 500 kgs., symbolizing the exploration of humankind’s relationship with the sun. This spherical structure is exactly one billion times smaller than the sun itself. At the heart of the artwork is a sphere of LEDs, whose light is split by the inner facets of the precisely cut crystals in such a way that it creates a dynamic surface reminiscent of the sun.

The inspiration for El Sol was the remarkable geometry of the pyramids built by the Aztec and Mayan people. Romero’s creation is thus an homage to his Mexican cultural heritage. At the same time, his structure is also based on modern technologies. Three months of design and development were needed before the drawings were ready, and it took the technicians more than 350 hours to construct the artwork. I am over grateful to see this with my own eyes and experience the kaleidoscopic effect from this.

Sans the technology and crystals, I took photos of this Tyrolean sunsets from our balcony in our rental apartment in Tyrol. What makes it unforgettable is that it definitely inspires  me and signals growth in my spirit. I’ve seen sunsets over high towers, buildings, over a lake, a volcano, across the seas, and in forests. This one is my Tyrolean sunset.

This year, I am ready for change, I am ready for growth.

I am ready for more sunsets beauty that 2018 offers!

What about you, Where’s your most memorable sunset  experience?





This post is inspired by this week’s DP Challenge |Growth

13 thoughts on “Growth | El Sol and My Tyrolean sunset

  1. Many thanks for this beautiful view. I love these pictures. I have looked for a long time, to pictures which me show how the influence of the nature is on a fixed object. When I look on pinterest , I see many objects, but not the surrounding where o.a. animals live. My hobby and work is to paint many things I love. I am glad with your resolution. A nice day

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  2. My first beginning of the morning is to look outside. To see how the Sunrise is and the sky with the clouds. I can see far away out of my window. I enjoy this.

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  3. Lovely photos but I also love your words, Christina! My favorite sunsets are ones on the beach, because it’s usually after a lovely day, too. But all sunsets are amazing. 2018 brings a fresh start, new beginnings – lets make it a good year! I’ve had a horrible cold for almost 2 weeks and am looking forward to recovering – with a newfound respect for my health and for everyday moments! ❤


  4. Also You? Me too, the first thing I do was to look outside from my kitchen window, there I am establishing my mood. It’s a great habit I don’t wanna break! Thank you Annie for visiting and appreciating this!


  5. I am always delighted whenever I met people with same interests. It means we have same wavelength. For me, a photo is something special especially If I love the subject and I took a photo of it because I wanted to make it into something tangible, a lasting keepsake of the special moment I had with it. I am sure you have your own reasons why you photograph things that you love, but even so, I can totally relate that nature can affect us immeasurably!


  6. What a beautiful post, Christina! Meaningful words and great pictures to go along with it. I am a fan of sunsets too – especially over water. I have probably seen about 5 sunrises my entire life – so I could try to see some more this year. Happy new year to you and your family! 🙂

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  7. I appreciate that you can relate to my posts. I don’t travel into so many countries as you do but whenever I have the chance to see and visit another place, I try to find beauty in simplest form in it. Sunsets in different places are something that fascinates me.Happy wishes to you for this brand New Year.. Its always makes me happy reading your comments–Thank you. I will catch up with you and with your posts soon!:-)

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