A day in the Pfeifturm

Who doesn’t like to have a view like this?

View of the old city  of Ingolstadt from Pfeifturm

Sunday is another Ruhetag ( rest day)  but I decided to climb the 200+ steps that leads to the slender Gothic Pfeifturm in Ingolstadt. After climbing the Olympic Tower in Munich I thought I could brave myself with climbing the steep stairs. I like visiting old churches & towers as much as Castles since I found so much history in them, and its better to see them than read about it.

Pfeifturm as seen in the city’s model displayed in front of the Rathaus. (Photo source : Extraprimagood)

Built probably in the 13th century , and standing at 63 meters high, Pfeifturm stands close to St.Moritz church. It’s the prominent landmark in the heart of the city centre alongside   Alte Rathaus (old town hall) and the new Rathaus (City town Hall). From the old times,the Pfeifturm served as the city watchtower against the enemies and at later part to watch over for fires in the city. The tower is open for public tours and viewing but could only be arranged with Ingolstadt Tourismus . Because of the size of the viewing deck, only 14 participants are allowed on each tour.

View from above of the steep cobbled stone staircase going up the Pfeifturm.

I wanted to climb the Pfeifturm because I wanted to see the panoramic view of the whole city. I was hoping to see a sunset view but the time is not with me. As I’m always fascinated how would it looked from above and I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw. We had a fine weather last Sunday, the sky was clear, and the temperature is mild, not too much wind up in the Tower & I could even have a glimpse of the mountain caps of the Alps.


While climbing the steep wooden planks, I was overwhelmed by the number of flies inside. The windows are almost full of it and it looks just so eerie. The old wooden planks with wooden nails remains intact and sturdy. Still, if you have a thing with heights, and your knees are weak, this tour is not suitable for you.

The Pfeifturm holds a fascinating story since the watchman and his family once lived here. In the early days, there is neither electricity nor water so the family would get a bucket of water from the ground up for their needs. They used lamps for their light.Imagine climbing the wooden planks approximately 200 plus steps numerous times a day! I caught a glimpse of the small area where the family sleeps and a place for the children to play.

Imagine a life in this Tower. Although the children could have enjoyed the views, eventually the risk that they might fall becomes a concern.


The view from 45m in the viewing deck is awesome. From Pfeifturm, you can see the wonderful view of the late Gothic cathedral ‘Liebefrauenmunster’. On sunny days during Fall, you might even catch a glimpse of the Alps.


Have you discovered something historical lately?

How as your experience?


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