One of -a kind Timbered Houses in Bernkastel-Kues

Close-up details of the Half-Timbered houses in Bernkastel-Kues

Few meters beside our apartment is an on going construction of a family house. I don´t know exactly but it looks like 4 single houses, with 3 floors. Considering the standard aprtments here in Ingolstadt, this House would be big enough for a family of 4, even with 3 children, probably a 4- bedroom house, including a underground parking and it has enough space for a garden as well.

Look´s great and yes…expensive.

German houses over here in our area are quite modern.The thing is, all the roller shutters seems so cold and univiting. In the outskirts and in the old town, I´ve seen quite many typical Bavarian houses, with intricate tower like-facades .I´ve once took a tour and explored all the historical towers and unique architecture in our neighbourhood and I´ve learned a lot.But personally, nothing beats the allure of the half-timbered Houses I have seen in the old town of Bernkastel Kues when we explored the Mosel area.

Just like a normal wanderer, I am always on the look of fine details, color and character so the unique woodwork of these houses really caught my attention.

We visited Bernkastel-Kues after we see the famous Burg Eltz, a medieval Castle nestled in the midst of the forest. This little town is in between the Moselle and vineyards where we also have a lovely hike through the grape vine yards. The beautiful River Moselle flows lovingly to this town, giving it more charm. Narrow, densely built-up lanes lead to the market square, which is surrounded by magnificent timber frame buildings. The pointed roofs here are striking. Because of the lack of space, the houses were built to be as tall as possible.

Lovely charming old town of Bernkastel-Kues

Main attraction in this little town is the wonderful timber-framework of the houses, buidings and almost everything.Pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants, cafes and even their City hall has the same flair.Combined with wall carvings and paintings, the town is full of artistic flair, color, and beauty. See, I am still hangóvered by the rainbow island of Burano and the rustic feel of the houses in Venice along the canals—but the timbered -houses are also cannot be underrated.

I can´t help but to stare, and looked-up at all times. Even while we´re eating, the background of Timbered houses is so fascinating. I felt like I´m another world. Added with old fashioned lantern posts and German engravings, it´s really typical German Old Town.The color, almost rustic red, deep maroon shade against a while plaster is so alluring to the eyes.Sitting in a Cafe, drinking coffee and having a piece of a freshly baked cake seemed almost a luxury!

So what´s exactly a half-timbered House?

Half-timbered structures have a wood-saving skeleton with self-supporting timber and curtain walls made of clay or brick. This building method is extremely ecological, environmentally sustainable and aesthetic

On it´s exterior, you can easily see its detailed woodwork.Cylindrical logs were cut in half, so one log could be used for two (or more) posts. The shaved side was traditionally on the exterior and everyone knew it to be half the timber.I guess normal people would not even bother to dive why the´ve built something like that.It´s all that meet the eyes. No wonder it´s one of the attraction magnet of this area.

But if you visit Germany, I am sure you will see some of them depending on your location. It was actually one of the first sights that I´ve digged in when I moved here. I find it so unique, especially since I am Asian and this type of housing is not normal from where I came from.

In Germany, there are approximately 2 Million timbered houses, still standing up until now.There is even a whole town in Quedlinburg with more than 1,300 timbered houses that´s why it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage. Imagine that, I think it would be lovely to take a walk in this town!

Spitzhäuschen or Peak House in Bernkastel-Kues

I love modern architecture as well but what´s not to love about traditional woodwork on lovely houses like this?

How about you, have you ever seen a half-timbered House?

Until then, Tschüss!

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