I forget my worries in Achensee and Pertisau

View of the Achen lake from above of the Vital park , Karwendel Bergbahn.

School break for a week here in Bavaria and on the weekend we packed our backpacks and head to the Alps. Our plans were so spontaneous !We just make the most of the sunny day that we are having and eventually we drive for 2 hours or so and arrive past the border of Austria. Our destination- Pertisau and Achensee.The drive was super smooth and half an hour past 9, we are already in Pertisau and watching the gleaming waters of the Achen lake. It is located near the Karwendel mountains and Brandenberg Alps.This lake is very popular with surfers, windsurfers, cross country skiing , winter hiking and of course, skiing and rodeling!

Everything in Tirol is so beautiful and everytime I see a new place I am just amazed.

Time is tight, we only have a day to enjoy so we just enjoyed ourselves and make the most of the day.Lots of snow, the majestic mountain views, the sparkling waters of the lake made us grateful, happy and excited.Parking was easy and we found an immediate spot just in front of the Karwendel Bergbahn. I saw that on this particular day, lots of families with children are also there. My daughter got excited of the thought of learning how to ski next time.

One note, in Austria, people don´t wear masks anymore and there are no corona restrictions. People goes like the normal days and I still feel weird about it. Even in the restaurants, cashiers and bathrooms, it looked normal. I guess people here are moving on fast…

Going up to the mountains through the Karwendel Bergbahn.

First thing we did was to get our sleds. We got 2 sled and ride up on the mountains.Rodelling, sledding or Toboganning is a wonderful pastime in Winter all over here in Germany. In our neighbourhood, we always sled in the nearby slope in the park and we always have fun. But here in Achensee, I was a little bit hesitant because I saw the slopes are steep and I feel not confident about it.But I muster my courage and just did it.

The 5 gondola cabins of the Karwendel Bergbahn

Rodeling on the perfect slopes and paths is a new experience for me. We stop for a while to enjoy the view from above and we meet some hikers along the way. I somewhat forget my worries and dream a little bit more while above the mountains. I feel the cold wind gush on my face and I cast my daily worries aside. I am grateful for the snow, this beautiful nature, and the wonder of the mountains in this cold season.

Along the way, I admire the mountains that surrounds us. Gigantic and beautiful as ever.

My little girl enjoying sledding on her own.

We´ve been sledding and hiking for hours that we almost forget the time. Why do time goes so fast when you are having a great time?

Close up with the snow near the Achensee

I played with my camera and took photos of the sceneries around me. In this area, there are lots of hotels, restaurants and recreation areas surrounding the lake. I am already wondering what can we do here when summer comes. I got excited just soaking my feet on the water and enjoying warm days in this area!

The Achen lake, the largest lake in Tirol

From the valley we went up to around 1,480meters high upto Zwölftekopf. Here we have a grand view of the lake, the mountains, the quaint valley of Pertisau. We even saw paragliders doing their preparations to glide up in the sky. It was a wonderful experience!

Of course, the first thing that my daughter asked is for her to take a break and eat her jogurt. Who eats a jogurt high up in the mountains? She really love to create wonderful memories!

The adventure of the girl and the three Backpacks

We continued our hike and this time we took the Karwendel cable car to bring us up.We shared with 2 more people inside the Cable car, noticed that they were also Dutch from the way they´ve talked.The ride was smooth and we enjoyed looking down the valley and within minutes we reached up.Thank God for this technology that children can reach up high altitudes without any problems.

Our sleds taking us to deeper tunnels of adventure.

Watching the people skiing, snowboarding and doing lots of winter fun makes me glad. There is definitely peace here in Pertisau.

The beautiful valley of Pertisau in Winter

I think we have been sitting in our sled for hours. There are many steep parts of the rodeling path so i think it´s best to sit beside small children to prevent accidents. It´s great thing that toboganning in this area are well marked, and people go one at a time to avoid bumping with others.

Achtung, Loipe! the sign that says this path is for cross country skiing
Quaint hotel facades in front of the lake

Around noon we took a break and had lunch in the nearby restaurant-Hotel , Das Pfandler.We sit on the front balcony and enjoyed some sun and then went inside.The hotel was really nice, the service was excellent and we couldn´t complain anymore.

I´ve tried the traditional Tirolean delicacy of Erdäpfelrusti, made up of potatoes, with spinach, bacon and sunny side up eggs.We also loved their super delicious Wiener Schnitzel with berries and lemon and my daughter had some Spaghetti Bolognese. When we are in Austria, we always make sure to eat “Kaiserschmarrn“, and yes, they have it here so delicious.I have tasted different kinds of Kaiserschmarrn in Austria and it always made me feel good.Whether is homemade, from restaurant or from eaten from the mountain huts, it is always “lecker”.

After our Lunch we went further exploring the promenade and quiet neighborhood around. Then we went back hiking and rodeling again until our feet aches.

Run, walk and play in the snow!

An ordinary winter day turned into beautiful memories.At the end of our trip I am glad we go with our spontaneous adrenalin to go out.No worries, just pure fun!

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Until then, Tschüss.

2 thoughts on “I forget my worries in Achensee and Pertisau

  1. What a beautiful place for some winter fun! There’s something about mountain scenery that really lifts the spirits. And you lunch sounds delicious. I would normally choose Wiener Schnitzel if I see it on a menu but the Erdäpfelrusti sounds even more tempting!


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