Lens -Artist Challenge #195 : Colorful Expressions

Colorful Houses along the Inn river in Innsbrück, Austria

“Color is the least expensive thing to put into a House “

-Ruthie Sommers

Well, many would say ” Let´s paint the town red, but how about also with blues, greens or yellow?!”

It is trusted that colors do something unimaginable in our overall sanity.A splash of colors doesn´t hurt and it always brighten up our moods. I , personally loved seeing colorful houses, especially ones in rows. I find it really pretty and they hold such a big pull factor.When travelling, the colorfu places are the ones most unforgettable for me.

Color is the language of the houses along the Ventian Lagoons

Choosing your own favourite color is personal. Red might suit me but I knew and understand that it might not goes well with others. Here in our local neighbourhood, an old couple painted their house ´s exterior with Turquoise paint! There´s no way you can missed it ,it´s a solid landmark, it´s just a bold expression, of individuality and taste.

Well, that shade might not work with me but I would certainly go for Aquamarine blues, russet or even a Terra Cota shade. I dunno but I am just drawn to these colors. It identifies with me and I think I can live longer with it.

Colorful houses in the island of Burano, Italy

When I saw Burano last year and how colorful it is, I was really smitten to it´s charming beauty. This lovely coastal island have pegged it´s own personality shown through their colorful houses. It´s actzally regulated by law and it´s quite practical. It´s not only for aesthetics but also it´s a guide for the local fishermen to find their houses especially on a foggy day. Its their compass–the direction that brings back the men to their houses.

Without colors, they might get lost.These brightly painted homes and the fishing industry correlate in a few ways. The paint on these buildings helped the cities and villages stick out visually on the shorelines, a clearly helpful tool for fishermen when approaching the island.Also, fishing boats were painted vibrantly, and much of that excess paint could be diverted toward buildings.It´s all about individuality with functional purposes!

When travelling , its hard to resist not to make photos especially if the place is just too scenic to pass on taking a snap. It´s like a resistance to preserve a memory. No matter how beautiful that place, if you cannot show a great colorful photo of how it looks like, it doesn´t sell that much. You see, visual satisfaction as well is all about colors.

There´s a splash of colors in the lovely student neighbourhood Dormitory in Olympiadorf in München

The expression of colors help us to know more about a certain place and it´s historical facts.Colors disctates a distinct memory, mostly an unforgettable one. It´s like you know exactly why that place is unique. Probably because of the crooked, little Yellow Half Timbered House in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, or the row of colorful parking chalets in Pertisau.Even colorful doors becomes a trendy photography subject nowadays!

Parling chalets in Pertisau

Olympic Park Village in Munich, Bavaria
Plönlein, the yellow crooked Half Timbered House in Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Colorful walls of Burano

In nature, light creates the color,in the picture, color creates the light...”

-Hans Hoffmann

The sight of this multi colored facade of palace hotel in Kuwait holds a lasting memory to me. In the broad daylight iht´s color is just like the barren desert, but at night it turnes out like a giant koleidoscope of Arabian lamps. It´s such a delight to see it while walking along the rabian Gulf.

Palace Hotel in Kuwait
The indoor colors of the interiors of the Avenues in Kuwait is a refuge from the scorching heat outside.

And, functionally, many of cities with warmer climates are always adorned with colors… and yes, scientifically speaking,bright paint is useful in reflecting the sun’s heat, keeping the interiors cool.

“Her life was like her House, a colorful fantasy where everything is possible if you want it badly enough…”

-Maeve Binchy

While I was living in Kuwait, I visited this colorful house called “ The Mirror House“.The hostess name was Lidia.She became quite special to me because of her life story and her artistic approach in life, especially how she turned her house which was previously attached with termites into a household of wonder, color, and hospitality. Even her sink is beaming with colors!

Detail of the sink in Lidia´s house -the Mirror House in Kuwait

Would it be plain glass done in mosaic patterns then it was great, but with different colors, made it even more special. You see, colors is an expression of life itself.

In the end, we may not remember all of the places we´ve seen, but surely, it´s colors lingers in our minds.Blue seas… beige cottage…. green cabanas…. or the big outrigger boats—it´s all about colors!

Thank you Anne for hosting this challenge. Until then, Servus and Tschüss!

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  1. Outstanding. Nature seems to be a theme for many. I love looking at colored houses/ cities when we travel. this was a fun wander WITH you. And words to flow right along with it. Donna

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