Lady in Kimono from an Artist´s rendering

Original watercolor painting ” Lady in Kimono” 30 x 40 cm

Given the chance, I would really loved to see a Geisha (or Geiko) in Japan. It´s long in my list and I am hoping that I could see it soon one day.At first I find them scary, I mean they could really do great in horror and thriller movies, given their doll-like features.

Anyway, thinking about them inspired me to paint about these wonderful females. There´s something about them that I find fascinating.So i tried my best to gave them an artist´s perspective–in my own way! I know I need lots of colors or else that could be so boring.Their mysterious make up, their flawless Kimono, not to mentioned that they are quite talented, and overall their alluring life.There´s not even a single stray hair, everything is kept in place.So interesting that in Japanese culture, there´s really a way to distinguish a Maiko (apprentice) from Geiko ( full-pledge Geisha).If you are interested to know, then you can watch it in this video.I watched it and learned something!

I have painted this piece a month ago; ” Lady in Kimono” but it´s only now that I had the urge to share it here in my Blog. Just like my previous paintings with women´s faces on it and lots of details, this one came out special. I was hoping to render Geisha´s allure through my painting and capturing their charm in my own doodles and details which I hoped I´ve achieved so far.

I remember watching the movie “Geisha” and I was so intrigued by it. The story itself is fictional but it depicts certain facts of life, especially in the life of Geishas, somewhat tragic.

Are there still “Geikos” in Japan now?

How is their lifestyle in this modern times? Watching the movie I reflect on how tedious the preparations when they are prepping up to become one and their strenous training they do.And not only that, not every woman can become like one. Seemed like to become one can be a privilege, an honor actually but not everyone can be successful in that field. It´s sort of elevating a woman´s status during the old times and deviating from the norm.Although sometime tainted as prostitutes by the non-japanese eyes, I guess the true ones have kept their dignified stature up until now.They are actually artists, trained in music, arts, and their personality is never ordinary.

Now this made me wonder which Geisha is also a painter!?

A geisha is like the sun. When she walks into a room, it becomes brighter.”They are the masters of Allure.

“Lady in Kimono” original watercolor painting,30 x 40 cm in artist grade paper
Lady in Kimono, original Aquarelle artwork (Jusbluedutchart)

When I was younger, I´ve worked in a Japanese company for quite a long time. I even learned some Nihongo and I was actually reporting directly to my Japanese boss. I picked up a bit of their culture, enjoyed some Japanese food and the thing that I would never forget is their system. The 5S Methology in fact.

Here in Germany, I would called “Ordnung“, cuz Germans are also crazy about always their “Ordnung” and “Regeln” or rules and yes, who doesn´t know about the recycling system here?!

Anyways, the words that reminded me of 5S are seiri (整理), seiton (整頓), seisō (清掃), seiketsu (清潔), and shitsuke (躾).All things should be sortedout, set in order,shine, standardized and sustain.I am writing about this because once I paint, I am really asking myself why do I dive into a particular subject and how would I best interpret it. For me, Asian features must be evident and the message you can see from it.

So why do I love women in Kimono?

Because really, they are fascinating, special and one of a kind.They looked so fragile and yet so strong.

Did you enjoy this piece? You can buy this piece here.

I also accept art commisions and paint Abstract pieces in Acrylic. Feel free to let me know what you think about this piece.

With so many chaotic things happening around the world, I choose to reflect on the good side of life.Wishing everyone a happy weekend and stay safe!

Until then, Tschüss!

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  1. I too am fascinated by geishas / maikos / geikos. We saw a couple in Kyoto when we were there, and I believe they are still working in parts of Japan. They are true artists, highly trained, as you say.

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