Healthy Me; I am still running.

After Corona, I promised myself that I will not procastinate. I will take care of myself and strive to be healthy and do more exercise. When I recovered and was allowed to go out again, first thing that I did was lace up my shoes and did a 8km run. It felts so different…so life changing, so strengthening.

When I was still positive, I had crazy thoughts. “What if I get complications?..” what if it goes bad..?” and so on…Waiting for myself to be virus-free was full of anguish but then I waited patiently for my body to recuperate. I strived to be strong and running motivates me.

I know it´s not always easy; but then it´s doable. I started religiously running 2 years ago. I checked my running app and it says my first run was around 2020. For previous run I think I haven´t used a running app then. Anyway, I am still running up to this day and I never regreted any single run I´ve made.

One run can change your day,many runs can change your Life”

As a kid I hated sports. I was not the sporty type. I don´t like the PE lessons. I feel bad when we need to go into our running tracksuits and run, do sit ups, and sit and reach. It makes me not so happy.I have no motivation at all. I just did it to pass a subject.

Watching people running at night, early mornings when its snowing and raining makes me think that they are crazy. I don´t understand them. But now, I have great respect for people, esp. older groups of people who runs and live a healthy lifestyle despite of their age.

And growing up I never really jogged or run properly. There are more times that I just did it out of pressure, just something to do. In Kuwait I did lots of running +walking, to get rid of post pregnancy fat. Though I did not really gained too much extra weight, I am not happy with my body and I have lots of body aches that I cannot explain.

I am too lazy. I have too many hobbies and I don´t have the time for it. I was giving in to too many excuses.

I must say that running can really change your life. I would never imagine that I could be able to run 5 kilometers in 35 minutes and 10km in an hour. I couldn´t even do a mile without stopping. That was the old me. Running really strengthen me. Never did I imagined. When the temperatures drop below zero, I would never dared to run.

But that was before….running really changes me and this is my personal story.

The wind gushes and dances as my feet move on forward.

I am writing this because I just love the fact that it changes me. I don´t really take a look into numbers but it says a lot of changes if you try doing it and continue doing it.Through the corona Lockdowns, running helped me a lot. It frees my mind and strengthened my heart. Yes, physically it tested my endurance and stamina but when people asked me why I run— my answer is simple; it makes me feel good.

I don´t believe in those running highs. I believe that you´ve got to figure out yourself what is best for your body and for your won sanity. It works for me so I guess it works for anybody else too.

Running fast but taking every single detail in Life

Today I had a long run. My goal is 1 long run per week and 3 more training runs across the week. This schedule really puts me into good energy.Alternate walking and running through the week also boosts up my energy level and I strive to do better.I am not running to lose weight. I am running because it´s a lifestyle that I wanted to live.

Appreciating the beauty of simple nature surrounding me.

Another reason why I chose to run religiously is because I just love running out free in nature. Through running I discovered how beautiful my neighbourhood is. That Ingolstadt is such a great city with lots of running paths to explore.When I run, I had the chance to see hidden roads,pathways, creeks, bridges, and lots of trees. In Winter, I ran mostly along the lake and I am always amazed by it.

Gratitude running, not only burning calories.

It does me wonders just by looking at the ducks, birds, and watching the waters for a quick 5 second break from running. Gasping on air and enjoying little blessings makes my heart grateful.

When the sun shines so bright, my heart is excited. I must run today…that is my initial plan.

I normally prepare my running outfit at night to keep me motivated for an early morning run. I feel it best when the whole neighbourhood is still so quiet and the roads are empty. The only sound I hear is my footsteps, my shoes thumping on the ground. Just me, my music, my watch, my phone and my running shoes. These are my running buddies that takes me to greater respect for my body.

Not all runs are great.Sometimes it doens´t go with my plan, but then a short run is better than no run at all. I have learned that respecting your body is very important and loving it is so true.I said to myself that I will continue to run until I can and I hope I can do more, longer, and more fulfilling runs.

There are times that I am staring at my shoes and I can´t bring myself to lace them up. I am procastinating because it´s raining, too cold, too hot, or I have other things to do. It´s always a battle. It always works that way. If running is so easy then I am sure everybody must be doing it.But then it´s not…

Running is a great way to inspire others as well. Before I started running I have looked and searched for related articles and personal stories–something that I could relate to. I am sharing this because it works wonders for me. If it doen´st fit on your lifestyle then maybe others can work for you as well. It doesn´t matter as long as you take time to take care of your self and live a healthy lifestyle.

When I prepare myself for a run, it goes well with my other activities. It helps me to stay disciplined, organized and focus on healthy nutrition.It helps me to structure my days, weeks and my overall schedule as well.

Looking at nature while logging miles is a great way as well to dot on my meditation .It makes me aware of my surroundings. I can easily smell if the air is fresh, dusty, or if i saw that there are litters across the pavements. It makes me aware of my mind.

Most important thing- it teaches me resilience. Never giving up and just go further.Today I´ve made a few stops as well, to breathe, to gasp, and to relax my feet. It is okay…as long as I moved again forward.

I am just happy that I was able to run today..out of gratitude, I´ve written this post to remind me; Lots of sunshine, healthier Me—and I am still running!

“It doesn´t matter how slowly you go…as long as you never stop…”

Until then, praying for Peace and for the war in Ukraine to end.


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