Fairytale escape in the city of Towers , Rothenburg ob der Tauber

View of the famous fairytale small Square or Plönlein( Sieber´s Tower)

I´ve always wanted to see Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and finally I was able to walked into this fairytale city.I am so glad we´ve made this trip on Easter and was not dissapointed. It is really worth the trip, especially for families, it´s also very kid friendly and fitted for all ages.

My favourite corner in Rothenburg

The moment we entered the gate near Markusturm,I was mesmerized by this sight. This walled city has a warm welcome, with massive stone walls studded with 42 towers,half -timbered houses with red-tiled roofs and quaint decorated windows. It´s like walking into another era.Walking through the cobblestone streets,I imagined leagues of Knights in shining armours walking passed through us with their mighty horses ,swords and shields!

We´re in 2022 but here, the medieval times thousand years ago here comes alive.

The charm of Rothenburg-the real “Rothenburger”

The rows of houses and shops looked so unique, different and it really have the aura of how people used to lived here thousand of years ago.Rothenburg ob der Tauber is definitely one of the most beautiful towns I have seen here and Germany.I can´t stop admiring the flower-filled window boxes from each house and since it´s spring, we really visited in a perfect time!Compared to Bernkastel Kues, and Trier , it´s also much quieter and less crowds.

Beautiful Gothic and Renaissance details in the Markplatz where Rothenburg´s Rathaus (Cityhall) is located

This huge magnificent building is the heart of Rothenburg. When you reach this spot, you should stop and looked around how pretty it is. When we came it was almost empty, but after walking few hours through the alley, we came back and this Markplatz is totally full of tourists. This building is one of the finest in southern Germany and it´s really impressive once you´ve seen it.

Getting lost in the charming little streets

We arrived at around past 9 in the morning and the streets are still empty so it´s really perfect to took some photos. No crowds and it´s so quiet but it was cold, windy and chilly. Rothenburg is a place famous for it´s own beauty, it´s mediavel charm, architecture and greatly preserved fortresses.It is the “Red Fort” on the river Tauber.Walking thorugh the streets made me thought that I am in a scene in one of those fairytale movies but then it´s all real!Now I know why people are raving about it especially the sight of unique half timbered houses. They all looked so dreamy…I am totally in love with these architecture.

The parade of Half timbered houses in quaint colors

Through tHousand of years, the narrow, but beautiful streets of Rothenburg have welcomed kings,pilgrims, and emperors and now, international visitors from all over the world. The crowds were so diverse.Looking around in the quiet Easter morning, everything looks so mysterious, and I can see that it´s not only me who has been bewitched at first sight….so as the others. I could imagine the beauty of this town in Winter where all the walls and spired roofs are covered in white decadent snow.Its like a living Christmas card.

Picturesque by day, mysterious at night–that´s what we´ve heard from the guided tours we´ve passed in front of Rathaus.

Rothenburg is also a very important town because here is the melting pot for Pilgrims who wanted to see the precious relic of St. James church; the Heilig Blut or the drop of the holy blood of Christ.Since it´s Easter, we managed to visit the church and marvel at the fine Gothic church which is famous for it´s altarpiece.Rothenburg ob der Tauber is an important way to Santiago de Campostela ( way of St.James) so a visit to this church is important for Pilgrims. It´s not surprising that many called Rothenburg as the “Franconian Jerusalem“.

It´s spring so the spring blooms are all over the town. I passed by through a small shop where it sells pretty spring blooms, fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables and so much delicious goodies.Walking thorugh the old town walls is like walking into a labyrinth. We tooked our times passing thorugh all the gateways, arches and actually just getting lost through the alleys.We tooked a break at this nice Cafe, Brot und Zeit and had a delicious coffee and warm croissants.

I didn´t really watch the time because I am so immersed in seeing the wonderful sights so time really passed by so quickly.Most of the scenic spots are in walkable distance and absolutely free!

Entrance to Rothenburg´s charming old town
Window displays in Rothenburg. It´s Spring but it feels like Christmas.
Green oasis in the walled city of Rothenburg
Plönlein or the small square

I passed through this famous square and did not realized that it was the Plönlein! But the more that I looked into it, the more I understand why it was famed to be the inspiration for international fairytale story of Walt Disney´s “Pinochhio“´ in 1940. This setting is copied by many artists,architects to depict a medieval setting. It is really a pretty, tiny square and everyone seemed to do a mandatory selfie here. It is really as impressive as the Little crooked house in Bernkastel-Kues, both looked crooked in some way.

The Castle gardens or the Burggarten

 Of course, we took our time walking around the Old Town Walls. This fascinating and attractive walk started from the Spitaltor, (Spital Bastion) a massive gatehouse built in the 1500s. From here, we walked through the deep hollows, saw old cannons, and had a peek of what´s inside the walls until we head toward the equally stunning Rödertor, stopping along the way to enjoy the views and pit stops for playgrounds! My daughter had the chance to play in beautiful playgrounds in Rothenburg and enjoying the sun.

Entrance from the Spital Bastion
Tower trail

Another fun activity that we all enjoyed but maybe exhilarating for others is walking through the walls and climbing up to the Tower to enjoy Rothenburg up high.We were rewarded with magnificent vistas and the climb up was an adventure for my daughter.There were lots of steep stairs to climb but the views above is really worth it. In different directions we have a view of the whole city, the valleys, the different towers, and just how unique the whole city viewed from above.

One of my favourite views of Rothenburg from above

 The old quarter of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is surrounded by a town wall. Six gates and several doors for pedestrians lead through this city wall into the old quarter (or out of it). We explore this city by doing the wall trail and just getting lost through it.If you want, there´s also an available Tower trail which you can join.

The castle gardens (Burggarten)

We were rewarded with lots of beautiful sceneries,historical sights but then it´s also quite a surprise that Rothenburg also has a beautiful garden overlooking the vineyards and the valley.The location is super unique.I was actually looking for the castle but then learned that it was long ago destroyed, the Stauferburg.

The atmosphere is really spring and people are smiling, and eager for normal life again. People flocked here to rest and have a breather from walking through the city and I can undertstand why.With playgrounds for kids, fairly priced restaurants and cafes, this town really has it all!

Spring had arrived in Rothenburg
Window-hopping in Rothenburg

A visit to Rothenburg won´t be complete without experiencing it´s local offers as well.The moment that I saw these dough balls called Schneebällchen, I got curious how does it tastes so we got some. It was not for me though because I find it too hard and messy to eat, but then it´s still a good thing to try.

Rothenburg´s finest “Schneebällchen”

Even if only a short escape, it was really a dreamy destination for me.If you got curious about this place, check how the medieval doors here looked like and be amazed why this city is a fairytale destination in Bavaria.Rothenburg is a great start (or end) if you are on a roadtrip along the Romantische Straße (Romantic Roads) in Bavaria.

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We visited Rothenburg on Easter and here´s how their Osterbrunnen looks like.

Until then, Servus from Bavaria, Tschüss!

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  1. Thank you! I have seen indeed many people cycling through the Tauber Valley..I´ve heard the trails goes to even further down to Altmühl.
    Would wanna do it someday when my daughter is a bit older.

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