Burano,the Island of Rainbow Colours

I made it to Isola di Burano

I still can´t get over from Len´s Journey post about Burano Island where He wrotes about the symphony of it´s colors. He had written it so well and so true to this island´s striking character. I said to myself that I wanted to see it for myself to believe it.

And I was not dissapointed…

But seeing this place also made me thought hard.

“How is it to live in a place like this? to see these colors every-single-day? “

My daughter said it´s her favourite island ,at least for now. I asked her why and she said because the Spaghetti with Mussels and clams were sooooo delicious. She was absolutely charmed as well by it´s bright, colorful houses, and the “ relaxed island feel “of Burano.Well at least it´s not only Gelato that won our hearts while we´re in Venice, also the Spaghetti with Mussels and I have to agree with her on that.We´re lucky to be able to find a seat in Trattoria da Romano and absolutely had the best experience!

From the boat from Fondamente Nove ,we took the Vaporetto 12 to go to Burano. We actually decided on this trip to avoid the massive crowds in Venice and it was really hot. We glide through the tranquil waves, wearing masks and playing some Pop-it .Soon we reached the island and greeted with watercolor pallette-views!

Red, orange, yellow, sky blue, yellow green, and so on and so forth. This is indeed the color-wheel village!

Laundry day in Burano Island

The houses are uniquely painted with different shades. It´s like a maze of rainbow colors. The apartment-villa type of the houses are so pretty, and nothing seemed like the other. Every house has it´s own distinct character and tint.Tiny square windows with pretty carvings, also decorated with curtains are a normal sight. I was so busy breathing in the scent of Burano and at the same time, adoring the simplicity of this island.

Apart from it´s colours, Burano Island is also famous for it´s lace production, made with a needle, & everything is handcrafted.Great respect for this wonderful heritage. If you see the group of old ladies making their lacework, you can´t help but just to smile…this tiny island is really a gem.

Rows of houses are just a few meters away from the shore and even the boats are multi-colored. I can´t get enough of the reflection of the houses in the water, it´s so soothing.I wonder how was it here during the strict lockdown?During the time of our visit, which was the in the heat of Summer, end of August, the weather was hot, and the air is thin but the sight of the sea is such a temptation. There are no cars in Burano–you can explore it by bike, walking or by boat.

They said that the colorful houses is actually no coincidence.As a fishing village where fishing is a vital source of living, residents painted their houses to enable the fisherman to get back home safely, amidst thick fog and bad weather. Now it really make sense.As you can see from the photos, street lighting is very basic, so imagine this place at night.The locals of Burano also favors this idea of colors since it serves as property boundaries.

Walking thorugh the streets of Burano, I felt like walking into a different world. Life here is so simple. Thriving on tourism, fishermen take out their boats and return in the evening with their fresh catch.

We passed through a small stall selling with different kinds of souvenir items and the vendor is oblivious of the crowd.Burano is so small, with a population less than 3,000, tourists outnumbered the locals as well.

Anyway, whatever the situation, I always look for colors. I, personally loved colors, colorful buildings and houses are such a great subject. I love colorful art so I fully appreciate this place as a form of Art Therapy…and living it! It makes me wonder how Burano looks like in Winter, white everywhere, covered in snow, foggy and tourist-free.I am sure that this island will still stand out because of it´s colors. I find that really cool and heartwarming.

Children running back to their homes and they know exactly which door to go in because of their unique colors.

I just love how each house has it´s own color of front door curtains. The curtains were blown by the soft sea breeze and it totally reminds me when we hang the laundry outside to dry.Sun dried laundry definitely has a unique charm.

Tschüss Burano

When our boat arrived to get us back to Venice, I cast one last look at Burano and whispered, “Burano, you are amazing..until we see each other again!” but my daughter loudly shouted ” Arrivederci Burano!

Would you paint your house as colorful as this ? Which color would you choose?

Until then, stay safe and Tschüss!

23 thoughts on “Burano,the Island of Rainbow Colours

  1. I love the colours too – the faded ones, as well as the freshly painted ones. It was interesting to learn that they were bright to guide the fishermen home in poor visibility. What a good idea!

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  2. I had never even heard of Burano before your post. I love the colours! I really wish that instead of having the back of my house painted white in the summer, I had gone for blue. X

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  3. Ahh, most wonderful! You got yourself to Italy! 🙂 I have yet to visit this island so I appreciate your presentation of it. Just magnificent. I wonder how much to the south of Italy you reached. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip. To many more!

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  4. Ciao bella! yes, we made it.
    and where have you´ve been, I am missing you in my feed. sorry I was also swamped but I kinda know that you are not seen, or am I mistaken? anyway, great to hear from you.
    Yes, it was really great seeing a part of Italy, it is so pretty and we will be back next summer.Once is not enough and of course to Slovenia:-))
    Lovely to know you are okay.

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  5. Great that you’ll be back! Once is certainly not enough. And lovely to hear you mention Slovenia too. 🙂 I’m right here on my sixth blog which I started in August and have been posting daily. Chances are that you don’t follow this blog yet.


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