My Sentiments from the Clouds

Moody Swings : A Dark, Cloudy Vision

“I have learned to detach from my thoughts, said a young woman.I observe them like clouds moving across the sky. Sometimes I reached out and grab at them & remember that they ‘re just passing by and so I let them go. I felt much better for letting my thoughts go because they really drive me mad.”


How did you wake up today? Was your mind clear and so as your vision?

Or was it cloudy?  Are you familiar with Brain fog?

Whenever we identify with an unpleasant thought or mood, we are not our true selves. These thoughts & moods are not who we are. We need to treat our thoughts like the clouds in the sky…distant… passing…insubstantial.

In Zen , we are endowed with Buddha nature, empty, vast and sky-like, which is always present even when hidden by clouds. This disagrees or doesn’t disagree with early Buddhist teachings about impermanence, depending on who you ask.

Do you also find yourself in the midst of Worries? or even entangled with them?

How sound was your mind lately?

Worries, yeah, I am familiar with them. When I became a mother, I worry even more. Simple things like :  Is my daughter growing well? Am I doing this right? or maybe I am doing the wrong way?  Or what can I make for dinner, or what more can I do for others to read what I write?

These questions made me worrisome. Sometimes I am not mindful that I am in this state. Living in Kuwait, I even worry constantly about the weather, Really!

Can you relate on these? What are your daily thoughts of worries?

Worries and anxieties are like clouds. They are just thoughts that pass through the mind. They are not facts. They are not the truth. They have no reality. They are like a mental game of asking, “What if…”, and nothing more.


Have you look at the clouds that pass through the sky today? Was the sky clear? cloudless? Clouds  are made of vapor, and they change form as they move through the sky. They hide part of the sky or all the sky, and sometimes they hide the sun. However, this is only temporary. Sooner or later they move on, allowing the sun to send its rays down again.I remember that in grade school, we were taught about different types of clouds namely Cirrus, Cumulus, Cirrustratos, Cirrocumulus, Altocumulus, Nimbustratos,Cumulunimbus and so on and so forth. I have keenly observed that formation of clouds is different from location. Here is Kuwait I seldom see Nimbus clouds since it is very rare for rainfall here, literally approx. 2x a year only.

How to Kill a Thought in a Good Way?

There could be different “cloudy aspects “in our thoughts depending on our mood and thinking. Worries become problems, imaginary problems. When you try to hold on to them, focus on them, and lose sight of the sky and the sun within you, which become temporarily hidden. Then your sight becomes gray, sullen, and stale.

“The sky and sun in this case are your spirit, the real you, your inner strength, and your ability to control your thoughts.”

Worries, which are actually thoughts, are like the clouds. They pass through the mind, hide reason, common sense and our aims and goals, and if you don’t hold to them, they go away, making place for other worries.

Fluffy, cottonballs of thoughts that turn into cumulus of worries in our minds.

If you keep watering your worries, and don’t let them leave you, sooner or later you might start acting and behaving in such a way, as to make them come true. Why should you?

Instead of cultivating the unpleasant thoughts, why not let them evaporates so you can see the blue sky and sunshine.
Hiding from the clouds ; Hope & Mindfulness

Thoughts don’t have to be believed. You can just acknowledge the ridiculous or negative thoughts that pop into your head, chuckle at them, and then release them. This is the essence of mindfulness.

Radiance of the Sun, melting the clouds

While I was reflecting on this, I decided to lift up my cloudy thoughts,and what a way to share this to others through writing. Expressing my thoughts in words. It felt good. I felt relieved.

My mind was diverted to my background music “Love & Hapiness ” by Al Green

(Wait a minute, let me tell you)
The power of love
The power…
Make you do right
Love’ll make you do wrong

(Love and happiness)

Now that’s a better thought.

I find something naturally  interesting that can draw out my curiosity. So, in the end, it’s not so much about killing our thoughts as it is about investigating them until they lose their power, and they often stop coming on their own. This is the real practice.

Here’s hoping that you feel the warmth of the sun, and feel the greens of the grass..and a not-so cloudy vision.

Do you like this post? Or how does these thoughts made you feel?

14 thoughts on “My Sentiments from the Clouds

  1. Thank you for the calming and eye-opening words. ❤
    These are my fave: "Worries and anxieties are like clouds. They are just thoughts that pass through the mind. They are not facts. They are not the truth."
    I admit I have been worrying and envying a lot sometimes and I know it is not healthy. Luckily, I read your words that made me realize those wonderful truths. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this post. I see you are writing with your HEART.
    I would say AWARENESS is what i have learned from worries. When worries show up we have to dig deep into our consciousness and see where is it coming from. I often ask myself: is it mine or others? and Who is running the show?
    Meditation comes in handy .

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  3. This post is brilliant. Well done for summing up my mind in such a lovely way. I love the gorgeous cloud photos too. This is such a useful way of looking at your worries and responding to worries. Thank you

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Beautiful post. I am a worrier, very much so, since having kids. My mind goes to dark places filled with worry about their future and safety at times. Prayer and certain music help me greatly. I found yoga to be quite calming as well. I appreciate your imagery of clouds being like worry, that’s a neat perspective. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Very inspiring post, and your pictures as usual are beautiful. You perfectly described what I am trying to practice everyday, and your words ring very true – I guess you ve been practicing for a long time 🙂
    I am far from being very good at letting go, but at least I can see some results .. Takes time, but it is so very worthwhile. Not only for myself, but for everyone around me!
    Yoga has been helping me as well, especially because I see the course as a “Me Moment”, disconnected from anything that is not strictly related to my practice. As my yoga teacher always tell us “leave your shoes, your worries and your grocery list at the door”. Thanks again for this great post, so happy I found your blog !

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  6. So are you dear 🙂 I have been thinking a lot about this post of yours this week, and I do really really like it! Thanks again

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  7. love your pictures and the knowledge you share. I’ve walked a long road thus far and I know that I know a few things for sure. Meditation changed me and restored me, i am now able to dwell in the world unafraid of missing out. Thank you for sharing. LOVE IS ALL AROUND INDEED!!!

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