My Golden Hours through the Years

My favourite cycling paths are the ones covered in fog and leading me to the golden sunrise

What is a perfect golden hour for you?

Maybe most people would prefer “Happy hours“, but the traditional me prefers the golden hour and nature is the best place to go to.My favourite time of the day are dawns and dusks. For me, these are the best times to experience golden hours. It always comes within a blink of an eye.The colors of skies changes dramatically within minutes and that “golden moment” is gone too soon. It´s so soon that most people missed it, myself included. I know that for most people, it´s hard to get up early, but for me, I don´t mind it sometimes. Many times, I´ve challenged myself to chase the rising of the sun and watching the skies always amazed me. It never dissapoints me.Whether it´s an early morning hike, a late afternoon walk in the beach, or doing my exercise outdoors, I try to chase something that is really worth chasing for.

Here´s a secret I have learned.Seeing a golden hour from time to time is like experiencing pure luck, happiness or a golden opportunity. It is just the time a little before sunset or after sunrise, when the sun is just above the horizon and casts a warm glow on the landscape. With the sun so low in the sky and travelling through more of the atmosphere, it is diffused and warm, casting long, raking shadows across the landscape.Combined with fog and misty morning, I am definitely going to have a minute of pause and immerse in these fleeting colorful moments.

I guess the feeling would be somewhat like…

Watching a rainbow spread across the valley,

Watching a plane soaring in the sky,

Watching a butterfly hop around from one flower to another and so much more fleeting colorful expressions.

If I am not running, then I am just walking through the woods, or cycling through my favourite cycling path along the river, around the lakes and just enjoying a slow paced-life .A life where I can savour nature´s wonder.Don´t get me wrong, I do have a day job as well,and with a kid that requires constant attention and care,so time management is really important for me. Most of the times, getting up early is the only chance I could have to grab nature´s beauty through my eyes and captured by my camera.

Watching the golden hour is a me-time, a personal time.

Trust me, I have never regretted any single time that I´ve get up early to see these beauties. Many times, I regretted the ones that I´ve sleep in and procastinate.If I missed it, then I know that I can´t bring it back again, that wasted precious time is already lost and I should wait for the next one.

Golden hours in Bavaria

Every golden hour is unique,mesmerizing, and spontaneously filled with colors. Sometimes I am wondering how diverse it is and I have only seen quite a few.Chasing the sunrises and sunsets had become a constant habit just like running through the foggy streets and frosty streets.Just like fog and mist holds a mystery to me, I am always bent on chasing it. I wouldn´t be surprised if I´m the only one in my neighbourhood who photographs the golden hours of the day.I guess not everyone is a morning person either!

Golden hours in a rush hour time in the streets of Kuwait

One that really takes my breath away is when the sky has fluffy cumulus clouds and when the golden sun starts to shine , the ripples of colors are amazing.It´s like a painting, only alive with colors.

Medically speaking, a”Golden hour” mean the first hour after a traumatic injury, a fatal one, and most likely after a successful surgery.A blessed awakening. It´s a turning point for others. For people whose life is in critical condition, time and every second counts.

Isn´t it the same with nature´s golden hour? For some, it might be vital, but for other´s just a normal day.A busy day probably and no time to pause and enjoy the skies…

My Golden hours through the Years

Here in Germany, I love it during moody times of Autumn because we are always rewarded with pink, purple and blood orange skies. There´s something about these colors that makes me excited! Whatever I am doing, I would pause and admire it. From our wide windows, I can easily know if the sky is turning pink or purple after sunrise….then the sun´s warm glow cast a light shadows on the walls.

I know for sure that it´s a great start of the day and it can easily dictate my mood.

I remember that last Christmas here in Bavaria, we didn´t have snow but we were rewarded with beautiful skies during dusk time.For me, that was unforgettable.While taking a walk when the skies is orange, I can´t afford to be ungrateful.

In photography, it´s quite important to catch the light since it´s a vital part of a great photo.I am not an expert but natural lights helped me a lot.But isn´t it wonderful when the perfect natural lights just blend in your photo because of the golden colors ?It´s a natural celebration of colors.

There’s a real peace as the sun goes down.

For me,I am bent on chasing the golden hours— I think that’s when nature really comes real, no filter needed. The colours have this soft but deep glow, and all the smells of nature flows in the air. the wind is crisp, fresh, and raw.It feels very special to be out at this time when all the plants and animals start to breathe more deeply. Even more special when I have the place all by myself, like my own little paradise.

Until then, Servus and Tschüss!

This post is inspired by LENS-Artist Challenge #195: Colorful Expressions

6 thoughts on “My Golden Hours through the Years

  1. So many lovely images here! I love the soft lighting. Although I’m an early riser I’m not often motivated to get out into it, but I should.


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