Let´s get Cheesy cuz It´s a Dutch Kaas (Cheese)!

It´s the thing about Dutch Cheese

Amost everybody loves cheese….But who doesn´t ?

Well, my Dutch husband don´t eat cheese and I totally don´t get him.I give up on his reasons why he doesn´t like it because I simply can´t find any reason why would someone doen´t eat it. For me, there´s nothing to hate it, except when it gets bad, of course you´ve got stinky cheese smell.The thing is, I love eating cheese and when I say Dutch Kaas (In German we call it Käse, or simply cheese), I must say that I still prefer Dutch cheese.Long ago when I first have a taste of it,I was definitely convinced, the rest just become second to Gouda.

Living in Germany, we became a fan of Emmentaler and Weichkäse or soft creamy cheeses, but the taste of Dutch cheese is still my favourite.

The Henri Willig Factory

Netherlands is such a wonderful country. The landscapes are very beautiful, natural beauty and except that it doesn´t have the mountains which we have in our second home here in Bavaria. Hiking becomes a normal pastime and recreation for us and we even eat cheese when we hike! The first thing that I noticed while we are driving along the countryside of Holland is the vast number of cows, sheeps, and other farmsteads. Sometimes I think we are surrounded and trapped in a farm country which is so true in many ways.

That famous Dutch barn house and the “Gezellig” atmosphere is everywhere. If you love nature and simple life, then visiting Holland´s farm stables would be just perfect! They have lots of pretty cows that grazed on green fields so I guess that alone pretty explains why they produced great quality and world renowned Dutch cheese.

Cheese tasting in the Netherlands

When I visited the Cheese factory in Zaanse Schans, I get to know the cheese making culture deeper. Visiting the cheese market is still in my list so I would definitely see it on my next visits.Still seeing how it is being made in the traditional ways is something that I am very curious.Hopefully by our next visit when schedule permits.Anyway, I had the chance to have a cheese tasting escapade and how wonderful it was.Along with hungry tourists, including myself, I sampled lots of different cheeses and had my fill. My husband stayed outside of course..!I couldn´t get enough of it so I ended up buying a bunch.They are expensive though since it´s a touristy place but I just want to bring something home that I have the chance.

One of a kind cheeses in the Netherlands

I´ve heard that Dutch cheese is quite famous and known all over the world but to think that it´s not only Netherlands that produces cheese, I wonder why is that so.Probably the rival from Zwitzerland´s Emmentaler! I´ve read that Dutch cheeses are waxed, so their shelf life is quite longer. That makes them ideal for trading and export to other countries. So it means you can bring and store them for longer times.

You can´t have a taste of Dutch culture in the Netherlands if you haven´t taste the local Dutch specialties—especially their cheeses.Aside from their Apple pies, Spekulaas and StroopwafelsClogs!!! or wooden shoes and windmills are all national emblem of something totally Dutch!

Endless varieties of Dutch cheeses

I found a very interesting video about the traditional Dutch cheese process and If you wanna know how it is being done, you can watch it here.I find it really amazing that the Netherlands has approximately  1,6 million cows producing milk in its green meadows. That is a lot of cows if you realize that the Netherlands has only 17 million inhabitants. So I told you, you won´t get bored looking at those endless green farms and fields in the Netherlands knowing that it is the reason why they can produce so much cheese!

This stuff reminds me so much how I explored the world of breads here in Germany. I think they have the best breads which I can´t live without now. I am a rice person but I was converted to loving their delicious semmel and Brötchen…and that goes so well with Dutch cheese!

Cheese tasting in the Netherlands
Cheese paradise !
Cheese tasting in Holland

Does food changes you eventually? I guess so…

Food had been a great change because of our move and expat life. I embraced the change in my palates because I have learned to accept and loved the traditional eats here in Germany.Bavarian dishes are totally different from the culture that I was born. I am not really fond of their Wursts and sausages. I am still Asian by heart but I ´ve gotten accustomed to new cultures around me…and still have an open mind to try other things around me.

Cheese is like an old adage…wine and cheese is a great combo that I have learned to adapt as well, or how kids here loved cheese Fondues and grabbing them as a daily snack. Growing up, cheese for us is valuable commodity that not everyone can afford to buy. But here, choices are abundant and it´s a stable in every household.

Cheese paradise in the Netherlands

What cheese in particular do you like?

Until then, in Dutch we say it Tot ziens!

One thought on “Let´s get Cheesy cuz It´s a Dutch Kaas (Cheese)!

  1. Nice cheesy post 😋 I LOVE cheese but need to avoid it because I could just binge on it and gain a lot of weight! My favourite is Port Salut when it’s very soft but I do like Dutch Gouda. Is Maasdam Dutch, too? But perhaps the versions we have here are somehow milder than the originals…


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