Hungry tourists, Naschmarkt Wien and more Food walks in Vienna

The home of the famous Wiener Schnitzel

Here´s a food walk tour we made when we are Vienna last month. This post is all about our food and tasting experience in this city. We are already quite familiar with Austrian dishes since we always visits Austria but this time, I wanted to share what can you expect to eat in this place.We all known that Vienna is very international and it has everything to offer for all taste buds.I guess we are just hungry tourists and that we can´t stop eating!The question is, the big dilemma what to choose from so many choices!

Apple with Cocos Brezen I spotted being sold in the Gardens of Schönbrunn

When you´re in Vienna, I´m sure you won´t get hungry. And all tourists get hungry because of all that touring and walking and for me, I get hungry from taking photos and just for looking at things before my eyes. This imperial city is exhausting to the eyes and body. So from time to time we love to have a break. In Vienna, food is not a problem,there are lots of food options depending on your budget. We are actually not a heavy eater so normally we only have 1 big meal outside and a snacks during the times that we are out. We eat dinner if we are hungry so our options are always open.Prior to traveling, I pack some food so we always have something to grab from the car just in case we get hungry on the road.

Large array of seafoods being sold in Nachmarkt in Vienna

So while in Vienna (or Wien), food selections is much like what we have here in Germany.Of course, the famous side dish is the king Potato.Since I´m living here, I finally accepted my fate to eat potato instead of rice but still, I can´t be full without rice. I just don´t like fried potatoes that much. I ´ve been meaning to experience the Coffee & Cake culture in Vienna so actually, I don´t have anything particular in mind to eat there as long as I have a slice of my cake.This is very similar over here in Germany. One must have a time for Kaffee und Kuchen. A cup of coffee and a slice of cake is a must, and nobody is complaining about it.

On the first day, we spent the whole day in Schönbrunn Palace and grab a lunch in the restaurant near the Palmenhaus. I was looking in google maps where the Palmen haus restaurant but later on I realized that it was further in the city near Hofburg and Schmetterlinghaus which we visited on the next day. It was raining , and we are tired, things did not go well as we planned so we went to the nearby restaurant.Schönbrunn is as grand as it´s size. One needs a heavy meal to absorb all the grandness of the Hapsburg Dynasty displayed in this magnificent palace.Too much walking and exploring is really the deal in this place.

For our first meal in Vienna, we went to Brandauer Schlossbraü. It´s quite spacious restaurant, with biergarten and a cozy interiors. It´s raining outside so our choices are limited. With a whining kid and also hungry, we get in.Good thing there´s more vacant tables inside.The menu was typical and our hunger was so-so satisfied.The schnitzel that I ordered was huge portion so I had to share it with my daughter and even her Currywürst was also enough.It´s nothing special but then love the potato salad.We complained about the sweet potates since it was too cold so they replaced it with fries instead. But their service was terrible and the lady that serves us is quite arrogant.

Afternoons are better than mornings since it was dry. Finally the sun shines a bit and we were able to do more sightseeing in the city.

Yummy delicious dried fruits , perfect for snacking!

While strolling, we finally made it through the the Naschmarkt in Wien (Naschmarkt in Vienna) .It is a magnet for foodies and people who wants to escape from the crowds in the inner city.Haven´t photographed all the stall but this place is really pretty but really busy, noisy and full of hungry people! There are quaint shops and loads of eateries, diners, food stalls and shops which sell lots of things.Anything to catch your attention just like bags, clothes, tea, souvenirs and more food. This place has a lot to offer to satisfy all your food cravings and a bit of retail theraphy!I have heard about this place so I was really eager to try and see what it got. We went to see it while walking through the Museum´s Quartier, then going to Karlplatz to see the Secession Building.

Coincidentally, in front of Secession building, beside the Kleine Haus der Kunst was this golden (Gherkins) Cucumber art sculpture by Erwin Wurm. I really find it interesting, and yes…this is all about food! To fully experience Vienna, one must experience the taste of the breaded cutlet of meat or veal which defines the elegance of the city of Baroque buildings and classical composers.In Germany, we can only say it as Schnitzel, an ordinary one, but in Viena, it has to be of Wiener Art, of a certain original standard.

Golden Cucumber statue in Vienna

You can´t leave Vienna without eating a Schnitzel.Especially the real deal of Wiener Schnitzel which is also made of Kalb and of pork.Don´t know why this is really famous but I guess it has a reason.Wiener Schnitzel really defines Vienna just like Sachertorte is definitely Austrian delicacy!

Next day as we explored the other side of the city, along Schwedenplatz near the Danube river and Bäckerstraße, we waited in line to sample one of the icons of Wien, the Figlmüller, the home of Wiener Schnitzel.Almost all of restaurants in Vienna sells Schnitzel in all it´s divine form, but the home of original Schnitzel is the Figlmüller.

So this is what my lunch look like after waiting for almost an hour in line. A plate full of a giant Wiener Schnitzel with a slice of lemon on top. Looks appetizing…and overwhelming at the same time! I thought how am I gonna finish all of this meat? But since I am Asian, of course I ordered a side dish of bowl of rice and enjoyed it up to its last crumbs.

Meal of the day, the giant ” Wiener Schnitzel” from Figlmüller

Probably because we waited too long to be seated so we finished all our schnitzels. It was really good, tastey and I wanted to linger more there since the restaurant is really nice.But then it was time for us to go again. In this place, you can eat Schnitzel with their own selection of wines and beers, but it´s too early for us to drink alcohol.It was a great experience though and the place is so spacious, elegant and the staff are clad in a very professional attire. The bathrooms are super nice and clean.People don´t mind lining up waiting outside and I guess it´s really famous and worth the price.

In Naschmarkt, we wanted to try something fresh. After walking through the restaurant, we stopped and tried the food in Cafe Do-An.

A delectable bite in Naschmarkt in Vienna

Both the refreshment and food satisfied us. The overall cafe has a good vibe and very kid-friendly too. While navigating the streets of Vienna, we made quite stops to sample some street food like the sausage stall in the corner of the Opera House, Albertina and Hotel Sacher. It sells various sausages and hotdogs in a bun, grilled hotdogs and some Sekt or wine.It´s called the Bitzinger Würstlestand.They have also beers, and other soft drinks depending on your choice. The location is very accessible and I noticed that many people are lining up on this stall for a quick bite for reasonable price.

Oh and of course, Vienna won´t be complete without a taste of their Viennesse Coffee culture.It is really something I must say. The line of breads and pastries are just too decadent to resist.

Admiring the pastry delights in Cafe Central.

Aside from the daily buffet breakfast offer in our hotel, they even served us their cake for the day .It was their own recipe of Sachertorte which I find better from the one I tried in the other coffee shop. I think it´s just the way of life of Viennese people to really indulge a bit in their daily life by having a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake. It just made our day everyday and again,we are not complaining.

Our food walk won´t be complete without trying and having a delighful time sitting in a Viennese Coffee house like Cafe Central and Schlosscafe in Belvedere. I guess it´s something about the ambiance of the coffee shop, the elegant interiors and where the waiters are dressed so formally .We felt like royalty just sitting there admiring the imperial portraits of famous people and Hapsburg royalties. They dressed in tuxedo and serving the food in silver trays. Waiting in line looks like a premier of a blockbuster movie!The horse driven carriages passed along us and it´s something that I´ve never seen in other countries. I think just sitting there and hearing people chatting about their day and enjoying a good cup of coffee and tea is really worth the price.

A taste of their famous Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel) and a cup of yummy Viennese Coffee made my day as well.

Of course any trip to Vienna won´t be complete if we don´t eat Kaiserschmarrn so definitely we have it in the town of Melk where we have a taste of famous breads with apricot filling.Also, since we are in Vienna, we decided to visit the Manner factory. When we are in Berlin, we indulged in chocolates in the Ritter Chocolate Factory, and when we are in Italy, we indulged again in Loaker Factory. We loved wafers but I guess Loacker has a rival with the Austrian version. We actually love making a habit of bringing home delicious goodies and this time in Wien, we´ve got more. If anyone visits Vienna, a taste of Manner biscuits and wafer is really worth the try.

This is where food takes us to different spots in Vienna and I hope this can inspire you to visit this place and experience them for yourself as well.Vienna can be pricey when it comes to dining especially in the city center but then be sure to make your choices according to your budget.

Until then, wishing everyone a happy week! Tschüss!

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