What have I´ve been eating in Germany?

A typical cheese and Wurst Plate in Bavaria, served on special occasions , of course perfect with Bavarian Beer

I have been receiving many email from readers, most of them asking for specific expat lifestyle here in Germany.They are all very eager to know the daily Expat lifestyle from doing groceries, school system, raising kids and even how do we sleep, German style!

One of the question I´ve received is “what do we eat over here?”

What is a typical German Food?” or basically a Bavarian meal?

Well, Germany is very international and there´s no doubt it has all the international ray of foods available in variety of restaurants. I can only share my own experience though. From almost 6 years living here; I´ve gotten myself acquainted with Bavarian foods.

Did Germany change my food preference? Yes. But still, I cannot live without rice. I am Asian so it´s in my blood. I cannot survive eating only these dark, hard breads. They have hundreds of different breads here but I just cant digest them all.

Well,I lived in Bavaria so I am more exposed to Bayerishe foods. (or Bavarian ).Although, there are some really typical Bavarian dishes that stands out,like sausages, Knödel, Schnitzel, Gülasch and salads with lots of Essig (or Vinegar).”Essen” is the German word for food and Lecker is the equivalent for something tasty.I don´t take photos of each meals but these are the types of food I have found here in Bavaria.We don´t normally eat out but sometimes it also good not to cook!

We have a nearby Asian store where I can find ingredients such as Jasmin Rice, Tofu, spring rollss and native sauces and some noodles that I love to eat.

Bavarian restaurants are also called ” Gästehaus“, and most Beergardens have a similar menus. Famous combination is with Bratkartoffel or fried potatoes, there´s also the one with potato salad and french fries. Name it they do potatoes in all their glory! I think I have eaten so much potatoes here than in my previous lifestyle!

Of course, everything goes well with a glass of wine or beer and they will definitely shout “Prost!

Falafel salad (from Biergarten)

Germans typically eat 3 times a day.Breakfast ( Frühstuck), Lunch (Mittagsessen) and Dinner ( or Abendbrot).Bread is golden here. Almost everyone eat bread anytime of the day, including the delicious pastries .I observed that since they loved shopping at weekend markets to get fresh fruits and veggies. For us, we have fresh baked breads or Brötchen every Sunday.

Children´s menu are also available in many restaurants. The normal choices are Currywurst with fries, chicken Nuggets with salad or Kinder Schnitzel with other side dishes. Portions here in Germany are large so I never finished it. I always share my food with my daughter because I hate wasted food.

Bavarian specialties–not the Austrian version but Schnitzel is also famous with kids.

Sometimes we have gathering in the garden with the neighbours and this is what our Potluck looks like.

My favourite salad so far, with radish, carrots, and lots of crisp,fresh veggies.The portion is big enough for me.
Another healthy option I like is the Turkey dish with potatoes and vegetables.
When you go to Germany, you need to try their Stew-I prefer the Beef (or Rind) Gulasch
These are the fingerfoods staple in every Beer feast and Beer gardens

Another famous Bavarian dish is the “Spätzle“. It´s like a noodle but taste like a pasta. I dunno exactly but its like that.

A platter with Spaätzle, salad and some Turkey breasts
A fish platter with asian vegetables

So there it is. German food is okay, its not that complicated, nor intimidating. It is expensive to eat out so for me, a homecooked meal is always a better choice.My stomach had it´s own share of Gastronomic journey so now I realized that food is a vital part for integrating in a new culture. Plus, in Germany, they normally always eat with knife and fork.They say ” Mahlzeit, or Guten Appetit! ” before eating.

In the end, I still can´t survive without rice. After 3 days of eating only bread and other things, I can´t never be full enough.

Do you have any favourite German dish?How was it?

Until then, Tschüss.

18 thoughts on “What have I´ve been eating in Germany?

  1. Wow a cornucopia of beautiful food there! I have only been to Germany once, Berlin, quite a few years ago now. Everything seemed to come served with Sauerkraut. X

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  2. My husband really loves German and Austrian food (he lived in Austria for a year). I also enjoy it but find all that meat a bit heavy after a while, and I can’t get to like sauerkraut! But I do like the sausages, Kartoffelsalat and Schnitzel 🙂

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  3. Lovely selection! Falaffel & Vietnamese Food are as important as Kaffe & Kuchen. Is it the touristy places that serve everything with Sauerkraut? Maybe it depends where you go?? We were in Thuringia a few years ago and after a few days really craved something other than potatoes!

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  4. Germany is indeed very international when it comes to restaurants. I think people would be very surprised at all the choices they have when dining there. I’ve had some of the best Italian food while in Munich. 😊

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  5. I think every place has it´s own specialty and not all the place serves Sauerkraut. It just happens that most Bavarian restaurant that we´ve been to, there´s the Sauerkraut as beilage..my daughter just hates it.


  6. You see making me salivate. The tendency to like bread is well ingrained in this house. Must be the Greman genes from our great grandparents !


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