Why German women are sexy

Yes, you read that right. German women are sexy, and you want to know why, that’s why you’re in this page & want to read , right?

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Who says being ‘Sexy‘ need to be complicated. It doesn’t need an elaborate description or a bare-it-all image for you to understand. German women are sexy in their own special, and in their very ‘Au Naturel ‘way. German sexiness doesn’t come by wearing the sky-high stilettos, plunging necklines, tight & form-fitting short dresses and red lipstick. After seeing them everyday, I realized that sexiness isn’t all about baring and flaunting and it is not always the best look.

I hereby declare that these type of shoes are the most Un-German ladies shoes in Germany.

Beautiful and fashionable , but probably the most Unfriendly shoes that German women prefer. On special occasions, perhaps.

Tell me how in the world can you walk for hours in cobbled streets with these?

Back then in Kuwait, I saw Kuwaiti women always dress in style a.k.a Flaunting and Killing it. Well, there’s nothing wrong about it actually. Muslim women also dressed up in modesty. Women in general ( myself included!) can’t resist to  designer  bags, shoes, accessories or even the line of make up . The overwhelming  mall culture of Kuwait have boomed so much that you can see locals plunged into every bit of fashion statements that is in trend and what’s in around the global fashion. Women that are dressed up in modest Abayas are wearing sky-high stilettos, rocking the heels & wedges while grocery shopping, and full-made-up face while drinking coffee. A day in the life of an Araba is spent in the Avenues, salons ,spas and lounging in coffee shops , clothed & accessorize with LV, Prada and Louboutins. The epitome of a sexy, modern, Kuwaiti women.

In Germany, I saw something different.

German women on the other hand, typically the Bavarian women that I’ve seen, dress conservatively and practical. Instead of luxurious bags & purses, they often carry backpacks. Instead of designer coats, they dress practically in Jack Wolfskin , North Face, or Schöffel . Trading off their stilettos  for decent, comfortable and most durable shoes everyday. Do you know Adidas & Puma? They are an icon of street wear here and of course, it’s a German brand, and founded by Bavarians.

They may not looked all dolled-up everyday, but who cares,even sans make-up, they are already envied by the whole world for their features ,fair skin and oh well, they are Germans!

Why in my opinion that German women, especially here in Bavaria deserves this remark  as a compliment , Here are my  top 5 reasons ;

1.They cycle in style and it’s Sexy

German women can really make an impression while cycling. I love the first time I saw a German lady cycling in a full dress and sandals.Her bike is adorned with little flowers and on the back side is a wooden basket with a loaf of Bread popping out and a bunch of flowers.While women here are very good in cycling in speed, they are also great in multi-tasking. Watch how a mother swirl with her child’s carrier along the woods and you will know.She transmits a lot of self-security  to her children because she is full of confidence herself.

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman cycling in stride as if its their normal breathing? Yes, only in Germany.

Do you know why old German ladies never gets boring to watch? Just look how she struts in her bike wearing  her  Pashmina  (scarf) and hat.Growing old is not an excuse for not being active and not hopping the two-wheels.

2.They go out, get fit  and enjoy nature and it’s Sexy

Bavarians love to enjoy life. They loved to go hiking or cycling on weekends & holidays. Compared to honking of cars in Kuwait, here in Bavaria, the first sound that I hear that I knew its a great day is the sound of cyclists. Women are no exception.Dressed up in track suit, shorts and comfy shoes,they run and jog,every single day. We lived next to a sports club and I saw German women doing sport just as they drink beer in the Biergarten in the late afternoon. German mothers takes her children for a swim in the swimming pool or just trek into the woods. Instead of spending hours in a mall or salon, they prefer to go outdoors and sweat out.

3.They make it, instead of buying it and it’s Sexy

German women are crafty and artistic. They love crafts and everything in it. It’s a good indication how they manage their time doing this stuff aside from doing their jobs and having kids. I saw so many handmade cards, home-made goodies, cakes & pastries, and self-done craft work like quilts, crochet,and artwork all made by German ladies. My mother-in-law who is Dutch, was a great Crafter too, she likes to make hand-made cards and we have those in every single special occasion,from the moment I got married, when my daughter was born, up to the time we moved into our new place. Everything is personalized. Our neighbor whom I befriended gave us a handmade card too for my daughter’s birthday and I find all these gestures so warm.This European domesticated syndrome is a great thing.

4.They are strong, doing a man’s job & still, they are Sexy

Have you ever ride a bus in Germany? or a delivery truck,  or  have you ever seen Forklifts & Bulldozer and other heavy machine operators doing the road work & tunnels in Bavaria?

Or do you have a Taxi experience in Germany?

From the world I came from, these type of jobs mentioned above are done mostly by men, but not in Germany. German women shows that they can do tough jobs as men does.Here in Bavaria, I have seen German women doing all these jobs. With their blonde hair and still active physique, they just do it as good as men does.

And lastly, since we are talking about Germans;

Just imagine Oktoberfest without women in Dirndls and mugs of beer! /Photo credit to mail Online 

5.They drink Beer and stay sober. Even one of the boys, they are still  Sexy!

I’m not talking about the wasted moments where ladies  get drunk  from too much beer and dragging themselves in the bathroom. I’m talking about German women who knows how to enjoy life, and knows exactly  what she wants.

What is your definition of sexy?


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9 thoughts on “Why German women are sexy

  1. Brilliant post! Love it! Any German woman can outdo any guys when it comes to beer. We just attended one of my husband’s best friend’s wedding last week and he is married to a German lady. Your post reminded me of her and of course, I thought she’s damn sexy! 😀
    And ohhhhh those killer shoes! I can’t do those anymore since I got pregnant! LOL My utmost respect to those who can!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You noticed too Ann?
    I thought I’m the only one who appreciate them..:))
    I love wearing same type too 2 years ago..I guess I can’t ran after my toddler anymore with these shoes.
    Thank you so much for flooding my page with your short & sweet comments.I appreciate them so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You must be mad trying to run after a toddler on high heels! LOL. That said though, I have seen a lot of mothers in BKK carrying their babies and running after them on heels like that. And even with kids, they are pretty well-dressed, full-on make up and the works! That is A LOT of work to keep-up. :p

    Eeek…have I been commenting too much? Flooding sounds like I’m all over and stalking! LOL. (you are most welcome!) xoxo.


  4. My daughter sleeps through Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Eros Ramazotti,U2,and Fleetwood Mac and sometimes the Cars.
    Blame it on her rock n’roll Mama!
    Thanks for the sweet mention Girl, that vid is totally hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

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