Season of changes and Autumn feels

The changing seasons

Wow, is it really October already?!

The memories of summer is still very fresh. It´s not long ago that we´re walking in shorts and complaining about the hot summer days, but then today, we woke up with a thick fog, rain, and 3 degrees!How times changes so quickly that it always caught me in surprise. I´ve read the other day that the common mistake we have is thinking that we really have the time for everything.It´s true, and we need to be mindful of it.

I haven´t done anything big lately.Life is the same and I feel the same.Oh I´ve changed the clothes in our closets. Now is the time for pullovers, sweaters and jackets…once again. I´ve given away the old clothes and my daughter´s small clothes were gifted to other children as well. That felt good-I mean the routinary decluttering.It teaches me valuable lesson of owning less, at least less to tend to.

It´s starting to look like Autumn

I have been not into blogging lately. I´ve missed blogging and just being in touch.Sad to say, my schedule at work leaves me no spare time to sit and lounge in front of my computer.I wish I could do so but then life just caught me up in repetitive and the same routinary life rendez-vous.Yesterday was the last day of the Autumn Beer feast and I wasn´t able to go to it with my kid.Good thing the man of the house brought her day for some fun. My kid was sick for almost a week and it´s also because of the changing season.Corona was a part of it but then it´s no use going crazy about it. I thought, it will happen and now that it happened, we need to move on.

Life goes on and when I finally had time to run and take a walk in my neighbourhood, I noticed the noticeable….it´s begining to feel like Autumn !

My own Autumn trail

This is one of my favourite park to visit here .It´s in Klenzepark and they have a nice, old, but still charming Pagoda with a pond full of water lilies.I love this little corner and I visit this in every season. This time, despite the rain, it charmed me again.I´ve been getting used to taking quiet walks lately.Just being out is a good medicine and really do me good.The silent splatters of the ducks, the leaves and foliage that are pretty in their own course.The colors are vibrant yellows and red, and the quiet nuisance of the rain that reminds me to slow down.All of these are wonders of nature—the signs of changing seasons.

It´s finally Autumn

Of course, the sight of cloud mushroom gave it all.I was happy to see it.Weeks of constant rain brought the moisture for these fungus to thrive.I´m sure there are more to explore and I hope to see more of them in the coming months.I´ve talked with the man where can we do some foraging this Autumn and which mountain can we explore.The temperature is still ideal and I´m afraid by November ,hiking won´t be comfortable because of the possibility of snow already!

Mushroom sightings

Living here in Germany taught me that there are 4 types of weather to encounter in a day. In the morning it can rain and it´s cold, in the afternoon the sun will shine and at the end of the day, it can rain and have wind gush.Everything can happen actually.Lately, I´ve noticed that my neighbours are wearing winter clothes already and because the weather is really too cold for Autumn…we decided to take our thick jackets as well.Isn´t that crazy enough…

Mosaic of fallen leaves

On the other side,I love the serene beauty of Autumn.In German we called it “Herbst“. Herbst, originally meant ‘season of fruits’ and is related to the English word ‘harvest’, the Latin carpere (to pick), the Greek karpos (fruit) and the Indo-European sker (to cut).

I have different Chrysanthemums and Calluna in the terrace and I´ve noticed that they are all starting to bloom. My daughter starts her Herbst-sammlung (Autumn collection) of nuts, colorful leaves and chestnuts. She says she loves am I so I am not complaining.

I´m drawn to the mosaic of colorful leaves on the ground.Autumn atmosphere is here.Mostly dried, fallen leaves which were drowned in the wetness of long, dreary rainy days.It´s like a painting that cheered me up on my walk.

Purple beauty and signs of the times

I got exited when I saw these Purple flowers drenched in rain looked so vibrant, hopeful and warm despite the chilly morning.It´s exactly the same thing of what I´m feeling. I am reminded of my long runs during foggy days and my search for the perfect mushroom.After a long run, I find it most meaningful to sit sit and enjoy a warm tea,not having a care about anything…

Signs of the times

Soon we´ll be carving our pumpkin again and having pumpkin soup and baking apple & pumpkin pies…probably make a harvest bouquet or a new dried flowers Autumnkranz for the door.

What are you looking forward through the days?

Until then, Tschüss!

10 thoughts on “Season of changes and Autumn feels

  1. Beautiful images, I love the old Pagoda. Autumn is always my favourite season, but more so in Germany. I’m looking forward to embracing the season and being cosy- warmer clothes, hot chocolates, a basket of blankets in the lounge for snuggling under. Wishing you a lovely October.

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  2. Yes, autumn is definitely here, and you have some beautifully autumnal photos. I love this season but I’m never quite so keen on the thought of the winter that follows it!

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  3. I agree with you Kristina, the year has absolutely flown and the seasons seem to be changing so quickly. Here it’s spring but it still feels very much like winter some days. Your autumn pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy all that beautiful nature as you’re right, it’s the best medicine. Have a wonderful month ahead. Lots of love from me down under. 💛

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  4. Thank you…yes, let´s enjoy this lovely, colorful time of the year. When the cold comes, then we can look back and look forward again to the next autumn..! Thank you for a lovely comment!

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