What October brings…

Autumn colors

How time flies when you´re busy making life….!

I hope everybody is doing well and I am so glad to finally sit behind my computer and catch up on my Blog.I woke up with the silent raindrops and saw that it´s too early that November rain paid us another visit since it´s still October.Ever heard of Autumn melancholy and fall spells?

Anyway, here´s what my October looks like. I felt like nature is as busy as I am that I need to keep pace with it while watching it changing round up the clock. The foliage, the grass, the trees, even the smell of the wind is something different. So here I am, embracing all what October brings..

Time for mushroom celebration!

Blinking my eyes while I am cycling around in my neighbourhood the other day. It was a lovely afternoon and I noticed that everything is changing...I reminded myself that I think I have been constantly on the move for changes as well…that´s okay right?! There are lot´s of road constructions going on but then my surroundings seems to be keen on changing colors as well. It´s full bloom ” Herbst” over here in Bavaria and Autumn is one of the beautiful thing that October brings.

Colorful streets filled with late summer blooms

I was reflecting how I managed to embrace this life that I had never had before. Living in Germany became a big change in my life and to think that I am walking with on carpet of autumn leaves is something so simple, but totally amazing to me. The colors, the scent, the mood, the sweater weather is just a koleidoscope of beautiful changes.Autumn is different every year just like it´s a different winter every year.

This year, we are surrounded with giant pumpkins.Orange and rust colors are such a delight, right?

Picking our own Pumpkin

October is such an interesting month because the shades of trees and even fruits and vegetables are so warm.I got excited everytime me and my daughter go to the pumpkin field to pick our own “Kurbis” to bring home and decorate for Halloween. Halloween slowly becomes a cool trend for kids here, so definitely, we are not missing it out. I managed to pick out some nice but quirky pumpkins to put in the terrace and it just bring us this warm Autumn mood.

Oh yes, I´ve made a Pumpkin soup already and tried the variant of “Crown Prince” pumpkin! I must say it was really good.

The harvest for this year

In the same field where we pick our strawberries in Summer grows these pumpkins. It´s amazing how earth produce such different goodness. I was watching the farmers digging the earth and bringing us these bountiful harvest and just feeling grateful that despite the chaotic things happening around the world, we have food in the table.I guess everyone just need a daily dose of happy mood to get by…

Oktoberfest is over but some beergarden stays warm and “gemütlich” and cozy.We took a stroll in the old town of Kelheim and saw this lovely beergarden under chestnut tree.It has a carpet of fallen golden leaves and the autumn vibes is everywhere!

Kelheim was a big surprise because totally unexpected, we spotted so many mushroom along our hike here. After seeing the Befreiuungshalle on top of the mountain overlooking the Danube, we wandered in the forest until we reached the Klösterbrau which we reached by ship a couple of years ago.

A wonderful surprise!

I guess I ´ve picked up the habit of mushroom fascination since my eyes became keen of looking out for them everytime we are hiking. My daughter was a energetic hiker and though sometimes she whines and got bored while hiking, she managed to control her tantrums and enjoy nature with us.

In between crazy workshifts and daily routines, we managed to appreciate natures beauty and unplugged.Weekend like this bring us so much fun and great family time.

During our hike, we took this small boat to let us cross the river and go on the other side of the river where we can take the big ship that could take us back again to Kelheim where our car is park. In this trip alone, we took different mode of transport and was totally active the whole time!

How´s your October going so far?

More posts about our Kelheim adventures and hunting for Mushroom !

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