Another Brick and Creepers on the Wall

Almost covered in red, orange and dark maroon climbers

I´ve posted about “Another Brick and paintings on the Wall ” the other week and this time, I have another thing about walls. It´s another brick in the walls and creepers.Many says that climbers and creeper plants are bad for your house but I think that is subjective.

Aesthetically speaking, I love it. I love to see a house like this. It has a unique charm but I know it takes maintenance for it not to grow wild.

I often took a stroll in our neighbourhood and noticed that quite few houses (or Wohnungen) in my neighbourhood have creepers (or climber plants) on the walls of their houses. At first I find it a deep contrast against those blank, almost spotless walls of other houses, but at the same time its pretty to look at especially in Fall where the foliage turns into different colors.Well most of the houses here in Bavaria have concrete walls and we have enough share of sun almost the whole year round.

Cozy and so fresh, that is the ambiance that I am seeing. I am so sure that the owner loves plants like I door it´s just their personal choice to grow these creepers on their walls.Did it grown by themselves or they even cultivate it to be where it is now?

Anyway, the overgrown planters in the windows are beautiful, with danglings geraniums and other summer blooms makes the whole house looks so homey and unique. It really stands out.

I know for a fact that climbing vines are more likely to cause issues on wood siding and in damp climates plants like Boston ivy suction onto surfaces with adhesive pads, allowing them to go up and under the wood, trapping in moisture and eventually rotting the façade.I see some of these creepers even trying to survive in the basement, trying their skinny vines creep into the walls.They are just hardheaded everywhere!

It transforms the whole building itself. Like a doorway to a jungle, each gate or door promising a lot of adventure and suspended excitement.I myseld feel excited whenever I enter a doorway surrounded with plants and with cascading flowering climbers.

In the wine regions of Mosel area and Rhine, I have seen houses that grow grapes almost in every house.Their walls are full of these sweet creepers.It´s the equivalent of Ivys in our neighbourhood.Although I know some of my neighbours grow some grapes in their garden as well!

I must call this “Green House”

This photo above is no exception, this house is located in the city center and it stands out from the rest. As you can see, the facade of the house is almost covered with climbers and Ivys, but looking closely at the windows, the house is also full of green plants. Sure thing this place is amazing inside. I think it’s absolutely okay to leave the magical greenery crawling up your walls alone as long as the conditions are right. And it won’t just look beautiful.It´s also a strong evidence that ivy reduces the threats of freeze-thaw, heating and cooling and wetting and drying.

It´s a great idea for an outdoor garden decoration as well. Ivys and broken porcelain goes well together.

We had a hike once and going up through the castle ruins made me stop and pause for a bit to admire these vast walls—also because there are creepers on both sides of the ruins.It goes wild and it´s a natural scenery that makes this medieval castle ruins maintain it´s charm.Though this place is deserted and only frequented by visitors, plants make it alive and brings out natural beauty.

There´s just something about concrete walls and the green color of creeping plants that exudes a positive energy.Also, it´s symbiosis in nature, increasing the amount of plants in our concrete and brick world provides a food source to all kinds of wildlife. 

Until then, Tschüss!

7 thoughts on “Another Brick and Creepers on the Wall

  1. I think the climbers look best when they don’t cover the whole wall but only part, so that you get the contrast between hard and soft as well as contrast in colours 🙂

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  2. We used to have creepers on some of the outside walls of our house here in Frankfurt, but they really were a lot of bother, especially when they started attacking the windows, gutters and downspouts. After we had the house re-painted six years ago, we decided not to let the creepers grow up again, and I personally am very glad to be rid of them.

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