8 Free things every Expat must do in Kuwait

There are absolutely free things in Kuwait for you to splurge on. Now that we have cooler temperatures, being out and about  gives you us a chance to discover this country’s various hidden facets. But having a great time  doesn’t need to be costly, some things can be enjoyed without spending much . For Expats like me who wants to spend a quality time during weekends with family & friends,you might be interested in these attractions. I have compiled these 8 Free Things to do In Kuwait  that you might want to check out on your next spare time.

Here are my  favorites :

1. Catching  Sunsets in the Arabian Gulf

When was the last time you actually watch the sunset & just admired it ? Give your phone a break and take time to chase a sunset along the Arabian Gulf . The beautiful corniche from the Scientific Center strip up to Marina Crescent is our favourite as it has a beautiful view of Skyline & silhoutte of Kuwait towers & skycrapers .


2. Exploring  the Souk Mubarakiya

Mubarakiya is the market melting pot of Kuwait. You can get lost in its diversity, and smorgasbord of Arabs flocked here especially on Fridays. If i have a visitor to Kuwait, this is one of the place I would bring them. There’s so much things to see and to do.

What’s so fascinating about Souk Mubarakiya is its diversity . It has numerous shops from Arab clothing, jewelry, toys, perfume, Indian spices, shoes, traditional Kuwaiti souvenirs, household goods, Iranian carpets and a spread of woven crafts & rugs, fish market and the list go on. Have you tried exploring the Old souk and haggle for the beautiful rugs & carpets ? Or the beautiful unique tapestries that are really worth checking out . If you can spend 3 hours just people watching inside Avenues during Summer ,then try for a change to gaze at the diverse culture you can find inside the Mubarakiya.

3. Watch the fishermen and their fresh catch in Souk Sharq Fish Markets

Maybe it’s not your thing but i find it fascinating just to see the different boats in the docks of Souk Sharq . You can see how the local Fisherman went about their business & how each of the boats just float there . If you like, then you can check out the Fish market nearby to have an idea what to prepare for dinner .


4. Catch the wonderful Lights show in Kuwait Towers

Have you seen the different lights on the Kuwait Towers recently? If not, try to get there at night and just have a vain selfie .Its a nice walk along its promenade and to have family picnics beside the beach while enjoying the Light Show.

5. Take a Nap in the Park

If you are a mother and constantly looking for new places to  bring your kids & for yourself to enjoy as well, then hit a nearby park & let your kids let loose in the park until they are exhausted . Make sure to pack some snacks & drinks and off you go. Maybe they can have a nap too in the park, while you can enjoy some peace and quiet  and doze off while your spouse can watch the kids. Pick out a not-so-crowded area in the park & lay your blanket for a short escape from your phone & TV. I tell you , being out is good for you . Kuwait Mom’s Guide have a  very nice list of all the Parks & playground around Kuwait that you can check out from Here.

6. Explore the Traditional Arabic Dhows

There are various locations where the traditional Dhows ( Wooden Fishing boats) are displayed for public viewing. You can learn its history, and be amazed how the ancient Arabs built these Dhows . The World’s largest Arabic Dhow “Al Hashemi II” is displayed inside the grounds of Radisson Blu Hotel. Its a renowned Guiness Book record holder  for its grandeur & size.This is one of the top attractions here in Kuwait. Go inside & get lost of its beautiful interiors. Even the chandeliers inside the boat will make you gasp.

The Al-Hashemi II Dhow in Kuwait

The Al Hashemi marine Museum is totally free admission, In here, you can learn from Kuwait’s rich maritime history. Another  Dhows displays are in the grounds of Scientific Center near seaside  and the one in the grounds of  Kuwait Museum. You can combine this while you visit the Kuwait Museum which has a very diversified collection of Kuwait artifacts and the Planetarium.

The roof panels of Kuwait National Museum

7. Admire the Architecture

If you’re into Architecture and love beautiful buildings like me, then Kuwait offers a vast views from modern up to traditional buildings that is pleasing to the eyes of Art enthusiasts. You can see a distinct pattern which is a typical Kuwaiti design in Modern buildings, malls, Shops & residence Villas. One example is the Ghani Palace along Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya.


8. Attend the Grand Mosque Tour

This is a very rewarding experience, and every Expat should see this important landmark in Kuwait. Not only that it boast its grandeur of its islamic design and religious significance,it will  also give you a different perspective about Muslim culture & traditions. For Expats who are interested to embrace the Kuwaiti culture then this destination should not be missed. The Grand Mosque has a gorgeous interior architecture and the tour is very informative about Islam ,and good thing is its conducted in English. The Aware Center  is arranging their Free Tour for the Grand Mosque. The tour is usually  held on Saturdays. Its free and open even to non-Muslim expats even kids are welcome. The women need to dressed up modestly during the tour. The Grand mosque has facilities to provide Abayas to every female visitor. If you are interested, you can check out for more details Here. or read my separate post about my visit to the Grand Mosque Here.

Are there really Free things to do in Kuwait ? YES,absolutely!

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