Hereinspaziert …/Thursday Doors

A Unique door in Venice, Italy
It´s time to dance, a door full of Graffiti in Berlin
A very old door, looks like it.
Somewhere in Nurnberg stands this medieval door
A door I spotted somewhere in Regensburg
Traditional Bavarian door
Doors with bars
Of course the owner has a Winery, the details says it all.
Wandering in the neighborhood in Ramsau, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria
Close up detail of an old door in Riedenburg
Let´s go shopping!,an inviting door in Berlin
A door surrounded by Ivys in Munich

And lastly, a typical awning wood door here in Bavaria! In German, we say it “Hereinspaziert” or simply means, Welcome in..!

Until then, Tschüss!

If you have more time to kill, take a look at these doors! or have you ever thought what is special about a Genuine German Door?

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