Summer Hiking and water therapy in Krimml Waterfalls

Water everywhere in Krimml Waterfalls

As a child I used to hike local mountains in our province to look for waterfalls. It´s the highlight of every hike since at the end, we ended up swimming and gazing at natural wonders.The thing about waterfalls is that you need to have a good stamina and strength to be able to hike and find it.It´s always hidden somewhere in the heart of the forest, like a hidden gem.The moment you find it, all your tiring muscles will be relieved.

My memories are still vivid about seeing Krimml waterfalls, the largest waterfall in Austria.In comparison to the Rhine waterfalls in Shaffhausen, Krimml is cascading on a magnificent height, making it more imposing and picturesque. I think it´s not really about the size or grandeur of waterfalls–it´s the wonder of seeing one, of actually coming face to face with a natural wonder that cannot be replicate.

I was excited, too curious, but also full of eagerness to see this since I love nature so much. So even though I heard about the hike going up–i managed my strength to go with it…and that is one thing I never regret.

The Guardian of Krimml Waterfalls

Steinbock statue with the Krimml waterfalls behind

From the carpark, we need to hike about 1,5 ours to go up. With a toddler with us, it became a great hiking adventure. My daughter brought her own hiking stick and I carried a backpack and my camera. We wore great hiking shoes just in case but I noticed that the hiking path is almost covered, with good pavement except on the upper loose paths near the viewing platform.

When we started walking, I heard thunderous growling sound and it´s not an animal. I can´t explain it but the sound of the waterfalls is deafening, so powerful that it will remain in your mind and captivate you. This sound serves as guide for us where to go and how far we go.

And once we reached the base—we are speechless for a moment. Just like all the spectators there. We felt so little and powerless with all the water power in front of us.It is water everywhere! Thank God we wore light jackets or else we will be totally drenched. Water everywhere, droplets and water gushes dominates the air. I felt like in a shower cabin but not really getting soaked.It was an amazing experience.

The Krimml Waterfalls (German: Krimmler Wasserfälle), is phenomenal, with a total height of 380 metres (1,247 feet), and are the highest waterfall in Austria. The falls are on the Krimmler Ache river and are located near the village of Krimml in the High Tauern National Park in Salzburg region.This place is so picturesque–so green and lush and the sight of the white water cutting through the rocks and forest is one magnificent view I have ever seen here in Austria.

Watching the waterfalls as we go high up reminds me of higher power. The power of water and how it could be so beautiful, so strong, and healing. I´ve heard that this waterfalls has therapeutic benefits and it is actually so.While you´re in this place it´s like you can breathe freely. The air is so fresh, and super pure.

 The parking lot is full so I know that there are masses of tourists in this area.People of all ages, including babies come here to visit and see this wonderful nature to finally breath freely in the waterfalls’ special spray mist. Literally, it´s like you’ve entered a gigantic therapy room, furnished with forests, rocks, and seemingly endless masses of water.I am so thankful that my child had the chance to experience this.

Looking up with full admiration at Krimml Waterfalls

The hike went up well. We made few stops to admire the plants nearby, catching butterflies and ogling the waters. The sound is a wonderful echo, like a loud music that helps us to make it to the top.We did the water trail where we followed the flow of the water. There are different levels until reaching the peak where it has a museum showcasing how powerful this waterfall is.Many times, I just stand there in silence, no words seemed fitting enough to explain what I feel. I just let nature teach me how to absorb it all.

Watching the waters gush through the rocks made me realized how magical this place be. How would it looked in winter or in freezing winter?

Being able to standin front row breathing in all these magical vapors is a luxury–a natural gift of healing, a calming phase or moment that I would always come back. The time I was writing this post I was reminded of the droplets of water in my face and the water everywhere that I was able to experience. It is truly unforgettable.

Healing properties of the Krimml waterfalls

Read somewhere about the healing secrets of this waterfalls here.

The reason for the Krimml Waterfalls’ healing properties when it comes to allergic respiratory tract inflammations is the atomised, respirable aerosol”, says Freidl. “The particles are 200 times smaller than an asthma inhaler’s droplets and can penetrate the airways that much more deeply.

That happy face means everything!

The air smells like pine needles, moist moss, and tree bark. The mighty roar of the water is heard everywhere. Billions of water droplets are vaporised and turned into the healing mist.And when I see the face of my daughter so happy like this, I know we made the right choice to bring her into the wild beauty here.

The rest is history itself. Over the ages, this waterfall made it´s way through the mountains, the rocks and cutting through the forest and show his beauty where it is now.In the middle of Hohe Tauern National Park, people have worked the land since the Middle Ages.This story is told in the museum up in the peak of the mountain. In this storybook region, perfect for long hikes and walking tours, we´ve encounter the Krimmler Ache river. At first a tranquil stream flowing over highland plains, it soon crashes over rocky cliffs and turns into the Krimml Waterfalls as it spills into Salzachtal valley. The rest is archaeological history: A few kilometres downstream, a mighty river emerges. It’s the river that has given the entire region and the nearby city – Salzburg – its name: the Salzach river.

This place is just what we needed in this crazy and unstable times of war, ebergy crisis, and delusional life dramas. In nature we find time to relax, marvel in it´s silent beauty and being grateful about this life.

Until then, Tschüss.

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