LAPC #208:My Expat Summer Vibes

You know it´s Summer in Bavaria when you eat Gelato, Eis, or Ice cream almost everyday!

This week, Andre of Solaner invites us to interpret our own Summer vibes-whether it´s a feeling or activity, or even a place–so long as it all spells the warm months ofSummer then we are all in for fun.I personally love summer, but not the heatwave going on now here in Germany.For me, my summers have been constantly evolving and depends on where am I.From where I grew up in the Philippines,summer is fun because first: no school! Summer starts from April to June, that is the dry season meaning ,endless sun always greets us,no worries of typhoon or storms.It´s the peak season for enjoying the tropical pristine beaches, family vacations and just having a break. Two months where children stays at home for their summer vacation in Philippines can be wrapped up in beach swimming trips, summer camps, visiting relatives, or maybe a trip somewhere else abroad or just out of town.I remember that because I try to explore one place every summer, whether it´s on the south or in the islands.My summer childhood memory was eating Halo-Halo, a crushed ice with different kinds of toppings like banana, sweet purple yam, tapioca and flan. We loved playing outside under the full moon and being carefree. Those are good summer memories.

But when I´m living in Kuwait, It is summer all year long , with 48 degrees of average heat every single day, it´s a miracle when I see rain. I can´t stay outside longer than 10 minutes or the soles of my shoes will burn!My iphone even had a warning of extreme temperature while I was camel watching in the desert! We practically lived with air conditioning every single day and it only rains maybe couple of times a year. This rain is only a drizzle and can last only within minutes. For me, summer spent in Kuwait is wrapped up ( as far as I remember! ) with us going for a drive in the desert, watching the giant Kite flying and camp near the beach, swim in the Arabian Gulf and Marina, or we went to the deserted Islands like Failaka to see the remains of the Gulf War.But most of the times, especially when it is really hot and scorching with dust storms–we stay in or relax in the giant malls.Summer vibes in Kuwait during the Holy month of Ramadan brings also fond memories to me.

Those were the warm times…

Then I came to Europe, here in Germany where somehow, I experience different kinds of summer every single year.Every year is also different but some things are constant. I knew exactly when it´s summertime cuz my Oleanders can´t stop blooming!I have enjoyed running in every season but summer running is my least favourite.I dunno, I just feel unmotivated to run because its warm.

I know its summer here in Bavaria when I can finally wear shorts, sandals and go out without a jacket! We eat Ice cream almost every day and go to lakes to swim and cycle through fields like there´s no end!

It´s summer when the wheat fields turns into gold

I have a summer tradition to visit strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries and eating asparagus is a must.Cycling through the Red Poppy fields brings me a wide smile and I can´t stop taking photos of Poppies on a sunny day.They are definitely a sign of summer vibes here in the southern Germany.

The beauty of Poppies in Summer

Over here in Bavaria, our summer is full of outdoor activities.We watch outdoor classical concerts, visiting the local Beer feasts and time to wear our Trachten–the traditional German Dirndl & Lederhosen and yes–almost all Germans take a summer holiday in August because it´s the end of school break where school are closed for almost 1 month and through the first week of September. Bavaria is the last one to take the summer break from all of all the other regions in Germany.

Tree parcours that we enjoy during summer in Bavaria

Of course, summer won´t be complete if we don´t hike the mountains and enjoy some beach or alpine lakes.It´s a chill time to enjoy butterfly trips in the garden, having family BBQ´s and just lazing out thorugh the warm long days.We don´t feel guilty if we reward ourselves with a glass of Beer after our hikes.

Summer along the Danube river

Over us here in the south, we just love sitting outside, especially near the Danube river and spend time outside with friends.

Rollercoaster slides in Kuwait
Sunflower fields in Bavaria

Another thing, you know it´s summer when people hang their laundry outside! I do it as well, but only when there´s no wind because I get allergy from the dust.There´s something so calming and raw beauty of watching the laundry hung in colorful clips, and swaying with the light summer breeze…

During Summer, it´s chaotic to travel because it´s the peak season. Everyone books their holiday and almost all famous travel destination like Italy, Croatia, Spain and Greece are full of German tourists.

It´s tourists time in Italy–it´s Summer!

It´s a busy month of exploring nearby cities, enjoying the lovely parks, chasing castles and forgetting the daily worries at home.Even though we still have Corona cases, people are not just bothered by it. People over here loves to be out and just travel wherever they pleases!

Enjoying lazy summer days in Austria
Watching the tides go by in the Arabian Gulf on a summer day in Kuwait

My idea of a tropical summer is island hopping, snorkeling and finding my own island for the day!No summer can´t be without the beach.

We´ve got to choose our own boat for the boat trips!

This is a photo of my island for a day. Yes, you can have that as a privilege if you book with your holiday a boat trip and visit numerous islands and underground lagoons and caves. The boatman and tour guide brought us here to enjoy some precious private time without the overwhelming tourist crowds. The island is surrounded with Calachuchi, a very poignant and beautiful summer flower and surrounded with limestone cliffs. The waters is pristine blue and the place spells paradise for me.

We have packed lunches here and we just enjoy every single moment of tranquility.We can even enjoy a day long full of fresh coconut juice–our guide pick up the coconut fresh from the tree!

My own version of private paradise
Exploring the natives in the hidden beauty of tropical islands

Summer months is the perfect time to explore the island. This is the time where flights to the islands could be free from typhoons. I always try to visit the beach on summer time because there I see the raw beauty of the lagoons and yes, I am just mesmerized by the calmness in here.

Boat watching became a pastime that I don´t mind…

I don´t even mind having no internet connection or computer here.That is what summer do to me, disconnecting from the world and being more with nature.

And lastly, I don´t ever feel bad when I am being rewarded with a blissful Summer sunset at the end of my day, because I know, every sunset and sunrise is never the same. It has a different enigma everyday.

Magical summer sunsets

Thank you Andre for hosting this wonderful challenge. Please visit his page and get to know him thorugh his wonderful writing and photography.

Until then, stay safe everyone and Tschüss!

8 thoughts on “LAPC #208:My Expat Summer Vibes

  1. Wow, what a wonderful post. Bavaria did a lot of things right. They preserved their landscape and a lit of their traditions. That’s why Bavaria attracts so many tourists even from other parts of Germany.
    I love your hat full of strawberries 👍👍👍 as well as the field of gold , and the poppies. 👍👍👍👍👍


  2. How interesting to compare summer in so many different locations! I love your summery images, especially the poppies (always a favourite of mine) and sunflowers 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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