Persian Gulf sunscapes

Persian Gulf Sunset from Ras Salmiya in Kuwait

One of my favorite thing  to do  on Fridays back then in Kuwait is just watching the splendor of the sunsets along the Ras Salmiya strip . People jog or run here but it is a great place as well to walk on late afternoons.Here I can have  the best views of the Persian Gulf or also known as Arabian Gulf. It’s always guaranteed to have a great picture, all you need is the frame.You know it’s gonna be a great day when the temperature is just right ( better ones are in Mid October~March ) and of course, free from sandstorms.This is the most photographed site in in Kuwait aside from the Icon of Architecture in Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers.

Arabian Gulf sunsets -Expat stories in Kuwait

I had beautiful memories of the metamorphosis of the sky turning into a wonderful work of art within seconds.My mind just drift away whenever I’m watching the calm waves gushing along the waterfront of Scientific Center in Salmiya.

Arabian Gulf Sunsets-canvass in the sky

Couldn’t believe that the same waters have been the battlefield from 1980~1988. Would you appreciate this if its filled with oil spills and dark with gloom during the oil fires from Kuwait invasion?

Arabian gulf sunset-Canvas painting in the sky  

If the weather is dust free you can even have a rare beautiful view of the Kuwait Towers further along the Marina crescent. This is the best time to sit along the banks and just leisurely watch the jet-skiers do their moves and enjoy an afternoon dip in the beach.

Aren’t simple things are the best ones? natural beauty, unspoilt.

Take it from me, no sunset is the same as the other. Everyone is different from the rest.

Where is your best sunset memories in your area?


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