Daydreams and Glacier sightings in Mooserboden in Kaprun

Unforgettable weekend with Glacier sightings in Mooserboden in Kaprun

Have you seen a Glacier?

My husband suggested that we go up in the Kitzsteinhorn and enjoy some views above. I did not say anything because for one, I feel giddy riding a cable car totally nervous, no matter how modern and fast it is. It just make me sick but when I am with my daughter who wants to play 2,000m above, I just can´t say no.Second, being up in high altitude with freezing temps is not my cup of tea.I felt so out of placed and ignorant but then I would always give it a go.At the end thanking myself that I didn´t back out.

Our view of the day

For me, seeing a glacier I thought, happens when we all wanted to relive a scene in Ice age! or an immediate escape when we have a heat wave here in Bavaria! But then…I said to myself, I wanted to see a Glacier—a real glacier, even from a far.So to make it more realistic, we just managed to went up to Mooserboden and Stausee in Kaprun where my daughter played in a wonderful playground , of course, with glacier views!

In Austria, there are about 900 glaciers, covering less than 450 km in elevations between 2100 m and 3800 m. Always, when we visit Austria, we never regret making nature our first base for anything. Be it summer, winter, fall or spring hike, Austria is our favourite place to go! This time, aside from castles, thundering waters of the giant Krimml waterfalls, and beautiful old town quartiers, I am already happy that I´ve seen one and I´m sharing it to you because it´s a wonderful family experience, thanks to the modern Austrian and German cable cars.

My Backdrop for the day, torquoise waters, mountains, and Glaciers

They say that for you to have a great view, then you need to go up. It actually make sense. Seeing a glacier in summer is not everyone´s cup of tea either.I guess this time it´s better to just remain silent , do a little bit of daydreaming and let nature take away my daily worries.Up in here , the sun shines brightly.I ´ve stared at the waters for long, and just appreciating the raw beauty in front of me.

My first Glacier view in Austria

From the parking area, there´s a bus that took us up to this place. Within minutes, we were transported to another realm, where city noise and daily bustles disturbs us. Up in here, we only see the lake, the mountains, the cows who lazily graze on the green pastures, the labyrinth of the winding austrian roads that makes my stomach giddy, and of course, the star of this trip, the adorable Glacier. Glacier is a wonderful nature phenomena. Again, I am glad to seen one.

Stausee in Kaprun

I took these postcards and reminded myself that nature has the power to make me still, calm and be amazed.It always does, it never fails.I daydream a little bit more and hoping that this day would last longer. That our trip won´t end soon and I could enjoy more me-time here. My daughter is busy exploring the mini Mine up in here. Lovely playground that they´ve built where parents and little children can play and enjoy nature at it´s best. There are barefoot walking paths, a hiking trail that leads up to a little church, a slide with a view and so much more.

When we got tired and hungry, we went to the restaurant nearby. I find it really amazing that a superb restaurant or Almhütte is above the mountains. Up here, you can sit in a recliner, drink a beer, and just dozed off. We´ve got a hearty delicious lunch, and my favourite Kaisersmarrn to fill our bellies.

It is a great day to daydream. Sometimes, it is really okay to daydream a bit, and just be lost with my thoughts.

My husband wanted to drive along the Großgöckner but the weather during the time of our visit in the Hohe Tauern National Park is cloudy, we decided to give it a pass for now. We ended up making another itinerary, making a stop in Ferleiten, also a huge park with lots of animals to see. It´s a nature paradise as well with a view of the green lush forest with waterfalls.Everything just fits to my fantasy!

Never getting tired of this view

Another wonderful sight in this place is the human technology of man-made Stausee where the power of electricity and ice come together.The whole place is a picture of perfection and to think that it can be reached within minutes is another remarkable experience.

I´ve read about the Pasterze Glacier, It is the longest glacier in Austria and in the Eastern Alps. It lies within the Glockner Group of the High Tauern mountain range in Carinthia, directly beneath Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner. Its waters also feed the Margaritze reservoir, used to generate electricity at the Kaprun hydropower plant north of the Alpine crest.So you see, glaciers are vital part of Hydropower plants in this area.

Tiny roads, comfortable mountain huts and breathtakingly beautiful nature.Compared to the Nordkette mountains we´ve seen in Innsbrück, and the breathtaking landscape view in Stubaital in Fulpmes, a glacier view in summer is unforgettable.

Watching the glaciers in different angles makes me wonder how would this place looked like 10 years from now. Would the glacier still be there?

There´s too many beautiful wonders but we have too little time.Daydreaming or not, seeing a glacier even from a far is enough for me to smile and be grateful.

Hope you are having a great time, stay safe and enjoy some sun!

Until next time, Tschüss!

3 thoughts on “Daydreams and Glacier sightings in Mooserboden in Kaprun

  1. You are right to wonder what the glaciers will look like ten years from now. I was in Austria for one day last week, in Bregenz, and when I left I bought the local newspaper, the Vorarlberger Nachrichten, to read on the train. On the front page (apart from a photo of two opera singers I had seen and heard the night before) there was an article predicting that all the glaciers in Vorarlberg were going to disappear “within a lifetime”.

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