A very Frosty walk

The fast few days were cold over here in Bavaria and it´s in the forecast for us to have the first snow this weekend.The air is freezing cold, especially in the early mornings . As you can see from the photos, we had a bit of Frost.Good thing I already took my plants inside which are sensitive to frost.The garden is ugly,only my Mums and the `winterhart Silberdraht ( Calocephalus Drownii) and Olender stays unbothered by the cold. I don´t have the energy anymore to rake the fallen leaves once again. Let them turn into soil this time.

Yesterday I took my morning run and brave the cold, minus 5!I took a couple of short breaks and look around. Most trees are now leafless, withering.Standing in the middle of the forest where I usually run feels eerie, the silence is really something. The surroundings are bleak and grey.There´s nothing much really to admire these days.In a few weeks, I know that this place will all be covered in white, and yes…colder.

I used my iPhone to take these photos and I´m glad they turned out well.

Beauty in the cold
Another frosted leaves
Dead but not forgotten
Touch me not..

There´s an ongoing rendezvous over Corona-Lockdown over here in Germany, (again!). Cases of infections are rising again and public mobility for unvaccinated people is being monitored and controlled strictly. Impflicht (Vaccination Law) is now imposed and yes, everyday, there´s something new so I don´t really know what will happen tomorrow or next month. Christmas markets are cancelled but life goes on…

Good thing the Frost somehow cheered me up.

How are you guys doing ?

Until then, Tschüss.

7 thoughts on “A very Frosty walk

  1. Your pictures are wonderful – that’s quite some frost! It’s very unsettling, unhappy situation to be in, but a good thing there is some control if cases are starting to rise rapidly as it will spare many people a lot of suffering. I can’t see it is a big imposition to wear a mask on a train in a pandemic, assuming you have no physical or mental reasons not to, but our Prime Minister evidently does.

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  2. You have really captured the details of the frost in these photos! Over here in the UK things seem quite stable – case numbers fluctuating a little but not really climbing, similarly hospitalisations and deaths which are the real measure. So no lockdown for us at present and most Christmas events are expected to go ahead although they’ve cancelled London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks to avoid large crowds gathering. I hope your measures work and things turn around again for you.

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  3. Thank you Sarah. Good for you, no lockdown anymore. Its kinda sad actually what is going on here in Germany. I don´t understand why people are anot being responsible to get vaccinated…hopefully things eased well so we all can have a nice Christmas without the scare.


  4. Thank you so much Susan. Your comment means a lot.
    I do think as well, sadly people have different opinions and there´s always a side that contradicts whatßs the best for the majority.
    Happy for you that no more lockdown in the future.:-)


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