FOTD : Spring Cherry Blossoms in Snow?

Kirschblüte in Bavaria, Germany

Woke up Saturday morning in a sight I don´t like to see.I mean it´s Spring and yet it´s still snowing here in Bavaria. I thought of tossing our winter clothes last week but this week´s weather forecast prevented me from doing it so.There´s a carpet of snow in the hedges, the lawn was completely covered with snow. My early spring blooms were submerged again in white foams of snow.Our yellow full bloomed Forsythia is drooping to the ground…

Local saying here in Germany goes …”April, April, er macht was er will...” or is it April Fool´s Day!?

It means, April can do what ever it wants, whatever can happen. It can snow, rain, hail or even temperature rise up to 20 degrees! Climate change might agree well so…

Winter is not over …not yet.

No doubt about it…this year, we have Spring, in snow. What a surprise indeed..a cold one.

There´s a row of Cherry blossom trees in our neighbourhood. When April comes, I know they are in bloom and that makes me always excited to see them.Few days later the streets are covered by their petals blowned by the wind.Last weekend though, the flowers and trees are all covered in snow.After a bunch of warm days we had last week, they´ve sprouted their flower buds and bloomed.

Just in time to really announced the arrival of Spring, but greeted by snow.

Cherry blossoms in snow
Spring in wintertimes?
Delicate buds in snow
Cherry blossoms (Sakura) in spring time

Last year, during lockdowns and at the peak of Corona pandemic, we enjoyed our quiet times admiring the cherry blossoms in our neighborhood and nearby parks. Their beauty lasts only for a week.This year, it´s a quite a different sight for me to see them they are covered in snow, they are somewhat sad, drooping and gloomy.

While running on Sunday morning, I ´ve made a few stops to admire them before they totally dissapear soon. It´s not too bad after all.With snow or not, they are still pretty to see.

Is Winter not over yet or is it the time of Hanami?

Post inspired by Cee´s Flower of the Day, and why not celebrate Spring eventhough it´s still Winter?

Have you smelled Spring already? have you´d had a quiet time with some Blumensfreude?

or ever wondered why Dandelions can totally change your mood in Summer time, and reflecting on the enigma of the Cherry Blossoms.

Over here, I can´t get enough admiring the yellow carpet of Narzizzen (or Daffodils).

Wishing you all a happy week. Stay safe, until then, Tschüss.

15 thoughts on “FOTD : Spring Cherry Blossoms in Snow?

  1. The blossoms still look lovely in the snow, but in a different way 🙂 Spring disappeared here in London for a while too and the winter clothes were needed again, but it’s warming up again slightly.


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