One at A Time : Lesson from the Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils from our garden

“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head..and whisper to her neighbor, Winter is dead…”

Dancing Daffodils : Standing yellow and proud. The brave soul who was not afraid to bloom despite the ugliness around her.

I know from the early signs of Spring that it can’t be far behind if there are Daffodils and today, my heart is filled with warm thoughts seeing the mass of Daffodils in our garden,  in full bloom. There are still so many bulbs sprouting from the other bed.This is a new sight for me, since its also my first time to experience Spring here in Germany. Excuse my delight, but yes,I love these pretty yellow thing! What about you?

Nature always have a way to remind me that I am now living in seasons. That just like any wild flower,I must allow myself to grow in all the places  that I never thought to be.My sight seems to have the ability to meet my every day need with effortless perfection. I find that when life gets to be too much heavy and everyday troubles bubble up and over, a time to relax the mind  is much-needed, accompanied by a walk in the fresh air, can in an instant, calm…no matter what the season.

The first bloom of Daffodils from our garden  brighten up our home.

To tell you, I think there’s just something about Spring. I remember months ago, I planted some bulbs in the garden. I’m no experience gardener but I hoped that it will grow , and hopefully, bloom. After the snow melted from our garden and I saw the budding sprouts pushed themselves slowly, their baby leaves are winding up, greeting the warm sunshine.

I thought it will never come out. I almost give up.

But then one bulb sprout after one another, one at a time.

Two months ago,  I was heavily  burdened with anxiety, with a deep anguish. My feeling like the gloominess of cold winter.As a parent, I don’t know what to do. My daughter have a speech delay and did not say a thing or two in her 2.5 years. Whenever people would ask me if she is talking already, I don’t know anymore what to say. I was in the brink of having her checked-up and getting a professional opinion. She is one happy, very active fireball of energy, a tiny Goblin. She is so active and yet, when it comes to talking, she was lagging behind. The thing is, she perfectly understands English & Deutsch, follows instructions in both language, but no talking. My friends say that for children who were born with multiple languages surrounding them, speech can come late. I used to believe in this too.

But the anxiety continues.It robs my joy every single day. I kept on asking why…and When?

Two weeks ago, she surprised me and my husband when all of a sudden, she just blurted out “Mama“! I couldn’t believe it! Did she just say whaaattt? Then “Papa“follows, and many other words, she sings and reads the alphabet now bilingually, recites the numbers, even perfected the spelling for her favorite animals and colors. Her favorite word so far is “Rot” ( German for Red) . Her vocabulary has grown so much in a span of 2 weeks. I find it so great when she replies now whenever I am asking her simple questions.

I have learned so much from this experience.As a parent, it humbled me knowing that I almost lost my faith in my child.That I need to wait patiently. Raising a child indeed comes One at a time.

Happiness came in when I witnessed this milestone in my daughter’s life.There have been millions of times we have sung the same song, read dozens of books, and talking day after day. But then,milestones doesn’t come in an instant. It’s always One at a Time, one baby steps at A Time.

Spring will come and so will Happiness.

So I’m holding on. I know life will get warmer. The yellow Daffodils in my garden  reminded me to keep the faith. Just as their petals turned up towards the sun, I need to move toward my goal and desires one step at a time-often just baby steps and learning to use the accumulation of time.That when we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things.

My daughter is talking now. Talking too much. It’s music to my ears.


The Daffodils in my garden are dancing. Swinging when the wind blows.

Fresh beginnings.

New life.



Who could ever imagine that out of these wild flower comes a great wisdom.

The Daffodils and other wild flowers, the delicate, intricate, unassuming flowers. Especially the early spring flowers who find themselves among the first to brave the unstable elements. The ones who have the quiet strength to weather the cold winds and last few spits of icy snow as they tenderly open themselves for all to admire.

IMG_7083 (1)

No matter what you ask of the Daffodil, it will still wait until Spring to bloom. From this I learned we all open up when the time is right…

Do you like Daffodils?

What do you look forward this coming Spring? Share your comments below.



12 thoughts on “One at A Time : Lesson from the Daffodils

  1. Spring is a concept i left behind me a few years ago. Life on the tropics is missing that. The kids often ask me about seasons. Here we have a bit but in the Maldives it was just wet and dry…
    my big one was very late speaking, but so focused on other stuff. She wasnt conpletely quiet but it took time before she’d make sentences. My little one starting speaking early. The thing is everybody tell you what is ‘normal’ and sometimes it makes a mums life a bit too stressful.

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  2. You said it all! It’s very uncomfortable to hear other people’s comments especially if its personal for you.
    I learned that every child is different and progress is also case-to-case basis. Now, I try to avoid all the negative comments!
    Thanks for the feedback, it helps a lot knowing you can relate.
    Sooooo good to know that now we have many things in common that we like : tropical, beaches, mom life & the arts! 🙂

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  3. Aw that is great about your daughter. The same thing happened to a friend of mine who has a little boy. He was two and a half as well and didn’t speak. Then suddenly he became a right chatterbox. He is 6now and very happy and bright. Enjoy the Daffodils. X

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  4. Agree with your friend’s advice: my sons both were late with speaking, after both, my husband and I don’t talk the same German idiom and the people of our surroundings used more than just a third “version”, so they needed longer for listening and recognizing the speech patterns, just like the kids of our bilingual friends (French / German, Spanish / German, Chinese /German) did as well. Most of the startet at an age of about 30 month, and it was good to know not being alone with a “problem”, just a phenomenon of childrens speech development.


  5. Must be hard trying not to compare yourself as a mum and your kid, when you hear comments and questions. But now that she’s started speaking, there’ll be no end to it! 🙂 She’ll learn at least 2 languages fluently and it’ll be such a richness for the rest of her life! ❤

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  6. Everybody loves to comment on everything and anything you do with your children. When i talk to future or new mum i always try to answer telling them that that was my experience, but all kids are different!!
    It’s nice to meet people, even on the web, that you have in lot in common with. I enjoy it as well x


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