Spring, Another Bud bites the Dust

Spring in Bavaria

Life comes back….Rebirth…and new colors appear! I am no professional Gardener, just a crazy nature lover. I am super excited writing about Spring–more especially from my own tiny space and little garden. From the past few days, I worked up ethusiastically in the garden.I planted some spring bulbs last Fall and was so delighted to see them budding—the tulips, hyacinths, Primulas, and Daffodils, all of them finally sprouted from the long “Winterschlaf“, one by one, and another Bud bites the dust.

Over us here in southern part of Germany, Spring has definitely arrived and can be seen all over the place.It´s in full bloom this time.We had enough rains from last weeks and it did really help the plants to rejuvenate. This time though a bit colder than last year, indeed, the deep roots of plants and blooming shrubs never failed to sprout and greet the morning sun once again. I am a constant nature observer and lover of nature so these things are quite a sight for me. Regardless of the snow, the bright bulbs and cherry blossoms still cheer us up.

The deep Roots never doubt that Spring will come…”

Märchenbecker are scattered all over here in Bavaria

Lately the weather has been totally erratic. One moment its sunny, almost a t-shirt weather, then comes rains which lasted for days, winds and yes, unexpectably , snowing as well. But nature itself is resilient. It still welcomed the brand new season open heartedly and begin celebrating it´s new colours, life and growth. The flowering season had begun…

Some Bright yellow Cornus

Today we are greeted with a pink sky sunrise.It was really pretty!I thought I haven´t seen it for a long time since the skies are always gray and cloudy. For me personally, spring means a new chapter, a beginning of a new year. I am just happy that it´s getting warmer and I would finally less agonize about being so cold. Finally I could say a proper goodbye to Winter…

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.”

— Audra Foveo

I would never understand people who never excited at the sight of purple Crocuses, or the bright sunshine that the cheery yellow Daffodils bring. For me, the moment I spotted the “Schneeglöckchen” (or Snowdrops), I know for sure, nature is coming. It´s on it´s way and soon, Primulas will paint the garden in full colors.

Through the dreary winter, the promise of seeing these cheerful buds when I am doing my morning run has given me enough strength to move on and anticipate new beginnings.

I busied myself walking and exploring in my free time to watch and be amazed of how nature itself reappears. Every bud, every blossom promise great delight.Indeed nature is a great meditation for our souls.

The sea of Scilla Bifolia in our nearby park

I know it´s complicated but I really love blue shades in flowers. I spotted these bundles of blue flowers wildly growing in my neighbour´s garden but I really don´t know what its called. Through much of them have short lives, their blooming time is well appreciated.

I guess a myriad of beautiful spring blooms helped me to create more unique color pallette for my Botanical spring art. I love painting flowers so I used them a lot as my inspiration.This year, our spring even started with a real sight in the garden–a Hedgehog! I have never seen one in my life before, and this is the first time so I was really excited.Talking about real spring, my Primulas never stopped blooming. I found a bunch buried deep and I thought probably they won´t survived last winter but then I transplanted them and fortunately–they were alive, growing and now blooming as well.

Grape Hyacinths which I planted last Autumn brings bright blue sunshine!
Cheery and bright yellow Daffodils in our neighborhood

“When flowers bloom, so does Hope…”

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend, Happy Spring cleaning day!


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