Take me back to The Grand Canal

Is there a certain place that you wanna go back?

Looking outside from my window today I wish I am seeing the Grand Canal once again.Probably because when I visited Venice it was Summer, end of August and it was so full of tourists, and it was hot. I always tried to find refuge in the shade since I find the sun become uncomfortable.

The sight of the canals make me happy and calm. Watching the boats in their usual traffic is so relaxing. Unlike cars, they don´t make too much noise.Visiting it in Spring on mild cool weather would be fantastic and not so crowded.

A fine morning in Venice
Navigating through nooks and crooks by boats

The rows of Goldolas are very reassuring, swaying through the waves tempting everyone for a ride.

The charm of Venice still lingers on.

View from the Rialto Bridge

Water and boat everywhere, yes, that´s why Venice is unforgettable.

4 thoughts on “Take me back to The Grand Canal

  1. Venice is lovely. I’d like to go back to a time before World War III was looking us in the eye… any place, just a simpler time. I used to hate the 90’s because they were not happy teen years for me, but now it seems such a blissfully ignorant era…

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  2. Venice lives up to its romantic reputation at least in these photos, Dutch. I have not been there but it would be nice to travel at a quieter time. I hear there has been sightings of dolphins in the canals!

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