7 Arabic Foods I have learned to Love

When i moved to Kuwait 8 years ago , one of the culture shock I’ve faced is the Food . Like for example , I have never seen a Kubz in my life before , or a Tahini , Kofta and Samossa but seeing it here almost everyday have really transformed my food preferences &  taste buds . I have come to love the  authentic Arabic flavors and the aroma that comes with it .

There are so many delicious food to choose from , but these 7 Arabic foods have become my instant favorites &  that  have learned to love them , and  on sidenote ; this post makes me hungry !


Fattoush Salad

1.Fattoush Salad – I discovered Fattoush by accident , it’s one of those times i don’t know what to order but i wanna try it  and since then ,this is my favorite salad .Fattoush is a delicious salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita  bread  (khubz ‘arabi) combined with various greens and other veggies  such as radish and tomatoes. Fattoush includes vegetables and herbs according to season and taste. The vegetables are cut into relatively large pieces .

Shish Tawouk

2.Shish Taouk -This is a traditional  Arabic marinated chicken .Normally comes either as a sandwich or on a platter with some salad, sometimes with french fries or rice . The Turkish version is generally served with rice, yogurt, and skewer-grilled vegetables. My favorite was  with Toum (a garlic paste sauce), or Hummus.



Chicken Biryani

 3.Biryani-If i am really hungry , then i could really devour a Biryani . This hearthy dish is typically Indian but here in Kuwait you can find so many variations of this. I love the mix of the traditional spices , rice & the meat /chicken . It’s really a must in big celebrations here.




4. Shawerma -With hundreds of Shawarma food outlets here , everyone has their own version of this famous Arabian dish . I consider this as Arabic version of Hamburgers . My favorite ones are from the quaint restaurant Wadi Rum & Kurdo . They’re so good and reasonably priced .It’s  really an all around to-go food!



5. Falafel – The first time I saw Falafel ,i thought they are  fried Kiwi fruit !Falafel is tasty  & delicious  deep fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas , Fava beans  or both. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food. It commonly served in a Pita which acts as a pocket, or wrapped in a flatbread . This can be enjoyed as toppings to salad or an appetizer .

images (1)
Kebab Sandwich

6.Kebabs – Kebabs are typical Arabic food made from either chicken , beef , and other regular kebab platters which is usually served with french fries ,grilled tomatoes ,hummus & other dips . Almost every joint in Kuwait has a Kebab diner .Most of them offers home delivery & take away .


Uhm Ali

7.Uhm Ali – Uhm Ali is my favorite Arabic dessert .Umm ali (Ali’s Mother) is a scrumptious dessert originated from Egypt. It can be served with a  dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top.  After a big meal ,It’s always great to finish up with this delicious dessert . I like the one loaded with pistachio and served warm .



What about you ? Do you have any liking on Arabic foods ? How was your experience ?

Thank you for stopping by !

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