Van Gogh Alive in Munich

Van Gogh Alive in Munich

It was a once in a lifetime experience. In the middle of Corona pandemic,we drive to Münich for this wonderful and unique Art exhibition. I have always been a fan of Van Gogh but I knew so little about his life. I only knew him because he is one of the world famous Dutch Artist. His painting style is also very unique and his artistic legacy is already world renowned.

I saw the advertising of this one of a kind exhibition and I am glad that it took place in Munich.It´s an hour drive away from Ingolstadt and very kid friendly. I would always hesitate to bring my kid in a Museum because she might not understand and grasp all of the things on exhibit and eventually leads to boredom. With masks and Corona-restrictions I hesitated even more…

I am glad I put aside my hesitation and just go with our plans.We booked our tickets online and off we go.

Van Gogh alive is a travelling Art Exhibition. Why it is unique and world renowned?

Because Lights, Acoustics and Sensory plays took part in this exhibition. Normally, we walked through Museums in silence, almost speechless, merely admiring the artworks in silence. But this one is totally different.

The moment we entered the Hall, our ears are filled with lovely musics, all in a beautiful crescendo and rhythm. Then comes the lights and effects. Everywhere we see looked, we saw colors, highlights, photographs and the divine Artworks of Vincent van Gogh.

It is an exhibition of Lights, and demonstrating the artistic rendez-vous of Van Gogh through out his life, from childhood until his death.

Starry Night

Watching this exhibition made me realized that this was no ordinary exhibition. It is as well very Corona-safe event I must say. Everything was greatly organized. From online bookings, daily visitors capacity, social distancing, masks and everything. It was an exciting experience for kids to immerse into Van Gogh´s works through the aid of modern digital technology. My daughter absolutely loved and enjoyed this place.

A fresh approach to experience Art

Van Gogh Alive was created by exclusively by Grande experiences and it´s currently showing as well in Mexico, Lausanne, Brisbane , Vienna and others.I was really surprised that so many people went to this exhibition and now I know the reason why.

More than 3,000 images (huge, crystalline and inspiring) transform each surface into a beautiful sequence. It is not a film, documentary or so.It doesn´t have the physical works by Vincent Van Gogh, rather they are projected on giant screens, walls, columns,floors,and ceilings.

Mock up of Van Gogh´s room.

The recent location of Van Gogh Live is now in Hamburg. It will run from March 25 to June 8,2022.

If you wanna see a sneak peak of the real multi sensory exhibition, see it here.

Van Gogh is a Dutch painter and draftsman and is considered as the founder of modern painting. His legacy includes over 800 paintings and 1000 drawings, almost all of which he made in the last ten years of his life. Most of his paintings are assigned to Post-Impressionism. With these works exerted a strong influence on the subsequent painters of expressionism. Most of the paintings were created in front of the motif, in rare cases he painted from memory. The paint was applied in a very pasty manner, often directly from the tube onto the canvas. The plastic brushwork in wavy lines or spirals as in “Starry Night” became his trademark.

During his lifetime he was able to sell very few paintings and often suffered from lack of money. Shortly after his death, both his fame and the prices for his paintings rose. As early as 1929, the Berlin National Gallery paid 240,000 Reichsmarks for a painting, which corresponds to around half a million euros. In May 1990, his portrait of Dr. Gachet at auction was priced at $82.5 million.

Do you like going to Art exhibitions during Corona times?

Until then, Tschüss!

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  1. Ah – magnificent! So glad you went, and then posted for us to see. Van Gogh is a favourite of mine, and I have seen quite some movies and facts on him. This looks like an exquisitely performed exhibition! Thank you again for posting. I will be on the lookout for it to come here – maybe copenhagen?

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