Life in Colour :There´s lot more Schwarz

Here´s more Black or Schwarz lovely things that I´ve seen in my world.Thank you lovely Jude.

And I dunno what did I do to make this photo but I find the effect not so bad.

And here´s the kind of rotten black-grey tints that I don´t really like…

Rotten fish I saw while jogging in the beach

How about taking a look in another color? perhaps in Blue or Orange?

3 thoughts on “Life in Colour :There´s lot more Schwarz

  1. Love them all! Well, maybe not the rotten fish! The woman in black is a great photo, it looks as though you caught her whilst she was adjusting her headwear, though it also gives the impression that she doesn’t want to be photographed. I totally agree with the first board, but confess I do tend to wear pretty boring clothes! Thanks for your wonderful collection Christina xx


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