Life in Colour : mein Welt in Blau Pt.II

Perfect day for snorkeling and some portrait of a Tree

This is my last entry for Jude´s Life in Colour where she looks for everything in Blue. I have my other Post with lots of Blue( Blau) as well but then again, it´s surprising to find that I found more of this colour in my world. It´s amazing how it can go unnoticed , especially when we don´t took notice a particular shade like this.

First, take this shot of the native hut we found ,so pretty and framed with tropical trees. I think it can make it to my list of Trees for Becky´s challenge for TreeSquares! The trees practically grow on the limestone cliff mountains and it actually become a part of it!

Then I am sure this Peacock has it all, in German we call it Pfau, (Blauer Pfau).It´s blue fan-like crest of spatula-tipped wire-like feathers is so pretty. I always love it.

Indian Peafowl (Blau Pfau)
Isn´t she Pretty enough?
Summer camping in a blue tent
Spot the blue bottles!
Different shades of Blue of Kuwait Towers
Meet the “Blaue Männer” (Blue Men) or can it also be a great option for #PPAC?
Coin- operated Binoculars Jehner Bahn, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria
And yes, totally Random Blues in a construction site !
JustBluedutch Flower, maybe?

Thank you Jude for this wonderful challenge!

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