When Suvannamacha fell in love with Hanuman

Mermaids and their catch of the day!

I have never been to Thailand, though I knew many friends who live there. It was a dream of me ( and still…) to go and visit there someday.But then, I had the chance to have a little glimpse of a Thai-inspired place in my homecountry, Philippines. It´s a fun theme park combined floating restaurant called-Isdaan. “Isdaan ” means Fishing village or a place to catch fish. As the name says, it´s really a place where you can have a fresh catch of fish or other seafoods you like and have it cooked the way you want, or order the dish you like to.

Aside from the food, I am totally amazed by their outdoor settings and ambiance. I love it. Looking at these photos made me wish to be there again with my family and not in this grey, cold weather.

Anyway, now this is not a post to promote this restaurant, though I would really recommend to anyone to check out this, just in case you have the chance to visit this place.Their food is really great and I would personally bring friends here. The reason : It´s a unique experience!

The giant Buddhas, both in red and whites, the gigantic Mermaids settled in a tropical sanctuary, huge monkeys, and other huge statues adorns the place. It is very colorful, pleasing to the eyes and really gave you a feel of seeing a bit of the colorful temples and scenery in Thailand. No wonder we called it Little Thailand! As I study the place more, I found out a love story as well.

Read on…

This giant Mermaid figure seemed to be depicting “ Suvannamacha“, a golden mermaid princess.She definitely looked like a princess. Her adornments and crown shows it all royalty. Suvannamaccha is popular in Thai folklore and is represented on small cloth streamers or framed pictures that are hung as luck-bringing charms in shops and houses throughout Thailand.

There´s not only 1 but more pieces that scattered through out the place. Also, of course, this place won´t be complete without Buddhas! I feel so little standing beside these Buddhas!

I have read that in Thai folklore, Suvannamacha, or a “golden Fish“, a mermaid Princess, tries to spoil the plans of the Hindu God and divine “Vanara” (or Monkey”) but then at the end she fell in love with him.Hanuman is the son of a monkey princess and the Wind God. This makes him the nephew of the green and red monkey kings of the forest. Hanuman is educated by the god Siva, who makes Hanuman invincible and able to transform himself into different forms.

In every corner, there is so much to see.Aside from the beautiful nature surrounding the floating restaurant, I enjoyed the face painting, boat rides, and of course, the food.This place is actually perfect for families, reunions and a colorful place for kids.

As for me, the sound of the gushing river and watching the fishes swimming by is enough to relieve the stress.The dancing coconuts, the pretty nipa huts, and the adorable figures made from terra cota.

Another unique aspect in this place is the “Tacsiyapo” wall. Tacsiyapo is a native local dialect in the Philippines means ” Shame on You!” It´s a stress-reliever ,more of a release your Anger -corner where you buy plates and cups to throw in a wall, and shout Tacsiyapo as you do it.

Look at all those broken pieces…I haven´t tried this one but I think it´s really unique aspect of this place.

Tacsiyapo wall in Isadaan Restaurant

So eating traditional Filipino dishes, served in floating hut, surrounded with Thai -inspired ambiance, settled in a tropical backgrounds–it´s actually the best of both worlds.

What would be your most unique dining experience?

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