Life in Colour : Schwartz und Grau

Two more days and November is gone. The weather itself is always gray, wet, and gloomy,nevertheless, I managed to find more Blacks and Grey around me.Quite surprised and realized that there are really many things, normal things around me in this colour especially in the natural surroundings.

Every Grey stone tells a story, Stone Figures in Hessental

Thank´s Jude for hosting this Challenge. If you like to know more about this Challenge, head on to this wonderful page.

Anyways, while I was browsing in my gallery, found this old photo of a dead bird..lifeless, a sad sight. I don´t really like seeing dead animals, but you can´t avoid seeing them. Sometimes, ran over by a car, or I don´t know really what happened.

A grey ending…

Spotted these rows of Fungi, the color is crazy, but black stints is so fascinating.

And the times where there is no rice cooker yet…

Of course, my daughter adores Ninjago and Lego so Cole, the Black Ninja needs to be here, as per request of the Little Miss.

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.Tschüss.

4 thoughts on “Life in Colour : Schwartz und Grau

  1. Love the silhouetted cable lift, but that Holocaust memorial is bleak. Real life, sadly! Love the rice cookers, or lack of, too. Never seen those. Safest with a Lego Ninja. Have a good week!

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  2. Haha Yes to the Black Ninja! , those are pots we called “Kaldero” in the Philippines.It´s normal that the bottom is pitch black, with soots and everything. In the old days, pre-gas and rice cooker times, people cook rice through this pot in a traditional fire, with wood and pipes so I really find it special.


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