The Blue Church in Bratislava, Slovakia

What a find! This is one of the surprises we´ve seen in Bratislava. A one of a kind church!

Why? Because it´s blue.Yes, a blue church is not common so it´s really something . We all loved something “cool” or something different in any new place that we see. Ordinary things with extraordinary features makes it more fun and unforgettable.Just like the bohemian and colorful Hundertwasser House in Vienna or the maddening stack of Dutch houses in one building in Zaandam or the colorful houses in the island of Burano! I have seen lots of churches but this is the first time that I´ve seen in this color. Everything is in blue.this is the Blue church in Bratislava in Slovakia. It is also called the Church of St. Elizabeth.A catholic church in the eastern town of  Bezručova Street which is tributed to the holy patron St. Elizabeth of Hungary.She was born in Bratislava and the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary.

The facades is blue, the walls are blue, the tower is blue, even the door panels and chairs inside the chapel are blue.The mosaics are in blue, the majolicas are blue and it looks really unique since it has the same color as the sky! The clock tower bears a cylindrical shape, which is very unusual for slovak roman-catholic churches.

The Blue church in Bratislava

The church has a round tower with 36.8m high and lies in an oval ground floor plan. During the time of our visit, it was closed so this is the closest photo I´ve got of the interiors within the gate of the church.It was designed by Budapest Architect Edmund Lechner. The church and the neigbouring school (Gymnasium) is designed by the same architect so it actually has the same features, only in pale orange color.

The Blue Church in Bratislava, the epitome of Secession Art Nouveau in Slovakia

Nothing really special about this church except that it is far from the normal churches because of it´s color. It is a quiant sight while roaming around and exploring the streets of Bratislava making it worth of visit.But if you appreciate art and architecture like me, then seeing this church would be awesome if you are in Bratislava.The details of the church kind of reminded me of Anton Gaudi style-playful and unique.

Now I know why people flocked and visit this place to see this . It´s a rarity and became the symbol of Bratislava. If you´ve been to the Mini Europe in Brussels, you will see the miniature of this church.

From the old town f Bratislava, we managed to find this church within 15 minutes walk with my daughter. The walk in the neighbourhood is quite pleasant and quiet and is also accessible with public transportation.

Have you seen something unique lately?

Until then, Tschüss!

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