There´s a kind of Autumn Hush

A walk in my neighborhood

I took a walk with my daughter last weekend through our neighborhood.The weather was great, I mean, for us here, it´s bearable than rainy and grey-cloudy days. Golden October finally said goodbye and we are finally approaching Winter. We are not really looking forward to the cold but Mr. Frost finally came,few days ago , he had a short visit, leaving us with a notice that he´ll stay longer next time.

Autumn in Bavaria

We have a beautiful Autumn feel in our neighborhood. I´ve seen far better views in other regions but during this Pandemic, the new norm is simply keeping distance, only-must-do travel and almost in isolation. I am still grateful.I am still in positive mind state so I am not complaining. Nature have graciously reminded me that everything will be alright soon.

Nature walks are far by the best…

My daughter goes to school now. She is an active first 1st Grade pupil .Here they normally refer to them as ” Shulkind“. A week ago, we received a letter from the school principal that one girl from other class have tested Positive from Covid-19. The next day, a teacher from the after-class day care is also Positive and then the following day, another pupil from another class tested Positive.

Do you get my message? It´s like a domino-effect and I just can´t stay still.

Children in school are separated in groups so the affected groups went to Quarantine.I think any parent would feel the alarm, a heartache, a tiresome worry that this Pandemic had brought to all of us. I was talking to my husband that you will never feel the weight of the stressfull times that Corona brings not until you are in that situation where you feel the threat for the life of your loveones.My daughter wears her masks from 7.30 am to 3.30 in the afternoon until she walks out from the school when I picked her up. they learn, they study, play and do everything with a masks!

Imagine that….

There is indeed a kind of Hush feeling all over the world.

But the loud silence we are hearing when we are out in nature is quite different..It is calming and somewhat juvenating.Of course we needed that, lots of it!

I diverted my thoughts and focus on the beautiful scenery in front of us.The small river in front of us is like a life size mirror with all the reflections of the trees, foliages and blue skies…It was magical! I imagined that it would be a total winter wonderland if this area would freeze and we can skate over here.There are ducks all over the place and they keep on doing their sounds.We forgot to bring old bread to feed the ducks so we just call them.

Quaacckkk Quaacckkk shouted my little girl!

I think it did the trick because the ducks and swans swam freely to us and made their stunts.They are beautiful…some things can be quite so simple and yet so meaningful!

Battling the cold battle…

While we were walking, she told me that she is waiting for her friends to go to the nearby playground. I explained to her that maybe they come or maybe they don´t. She said she hopes that everything returns to normal soon. I heard her…I wished that too.

As expected, a walk with nature always change our mood.We were busy looking for autumn leaves and looking at water reflections. The crystal clear waters of the Danube river and the area near the Glacisbrücke is really awesome. I walked further near to the bank and snap this photo.

Some trees are already bald, stiff and looked dreary, but some trees hold their leaves tightly, refusing to let go.Against the sunshine they remind me of my Autumn paintings.There is a lot of golden ochre yellows and rusty oranges colors that I see.I am telling you, as a self taught artist, I still find it so difficult to replicate the beauty of nature in landscape paintings.

I spotted these beautiful fragile beauties. I don´t know its name but hey reminded me of Cotton candy. It´s not yet covered in Frost but anyway they looked lovely.

My head can fit in this hollow hole of the Tree!

Have you taken a walk lately? How was it?

Please wear your masks and I wish you all a great start of the week!


11 thoughts on “There´s a kind of Autumn Hush

  1. My walk yesterday was along our local railway line, which is being expanded from two tracks to four. In some places you can already see where the two new tracks will be. In other places they just seem to be using their bulldozers to push big piles of dirt from one place to another, for no particular reason that any of us can figure out.

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  2. Servus!That was rather a unique path way to do a walk. Doesn´t the sound bothers you? Here, the path near the railways are blocked and pedestrians cannot take a walk beside it.I was planning to do a bike ride today but then the path that I chosen has some roadwork, so I just opted running.

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  3. Your photos are beautiful and a reminder of the joys and therapeutic nature that surrounds us. I hope you’ll continue to breath in that fresh air and soothing vibes. Take care and thank you for sharing your beautiful world.

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  4. I hope everything will get back to normal na, nakakastress itong virus. Hehe 😂 Anyway, I’m always amazed with your photos. Ang gagandaaaaa 😊 I just love how you and your daughter have a splendid walk with beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Such a great way to bond with your daughter. Excited for your winter blog and photos soon.

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  5. Thank you! Yes, dapat mag goodbye na tong Covid 19 na to para maging blooming na buhay natin.Pero dito e mahaba haba pa ang bartolina nmin at dadaan pa ang Winter! Maninigas na naman ang mga kamay at paa ko sa lamig..hehe

    Don´t worry, everything will be alright soon.
    Hope you stay safe and enjoy the Pinoy Christmas…haayyy kakamiss ang puto bumbong..:-)

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