Meine Welt in Blau (my world in Blue)/Life in Colour

This month of July, my dear friend Jude of Life in Colour ask us to share our world in Blue.She wants us to look for blue things surrounding us. I kinda loved this color since it´s my daughter´s favourite color. She prefers actually anything in Blue but when it comes to her favourite Ninja, it should be green, Lloyd, the green Ninja! 🙂

In my native language, blue is called “Azul” and in German it´s called “Blau”. Blue is actually a primary color, so it´s one of the basic in the color wheel.I worked a lot before with Ral Colors and blue belongs to the series from 500~5026.Here in Germany, road signs in Autobahn is in Blue color and so as street signs. Like for example this fractional House number–only in Germany!

Dutch Blue Kissing Couple

Thank you once again Jude for this fun challenge.

Until then, stay safe everyone.


8 thoughts on “Meine Welt in Blau (my world in Blue)/Life in Colour

  1. A fabulous gallery as usual Christina. You have some great photos! I love the blue sheep – I bet you are the only person to have them and I also like all those blue glass bottles.

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  2. Thank you Jude. Always appreciate your lovely feedback.
    Ah yes, the Blue sheep is part of the Blue Flock Art Project, it´s atravelling exhibition. But over us here, few sheep stayed on display in the new City garden.They are quite unique!

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  3. Fantastic. That blue hue resonates with me. I once saw some fabric from your region called blauplunkt or something like that. Gorgeous and intense blue dyed fabric. This kind of syncs with my recent Delft write up so it is probably no surprise I like it.

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