Last Glimpses from Kuwait Towers

My Expat life in Kuwait would not have been complete without having a glimpse of one Iconic structure which is the pride of Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers. It has been closed for quite sometime, almost 5 long years, it opened again for the public. It’s just happened that before we left Kuwait last month, I was able to see it again, this time, with my daughter and my husband.

I personally loved the designed concept of this “mushroom water towers “which were designed by Danish architect Malene Bjorn and maintained by the Swedish engineering company VBB- Vatten-Byggnadsbyzan (since 1977 called Sweco).The chief architect  Sune Lindstorm already erected 5 groups of his mushroom towers but the Amir of Kuwait wants a more striking design for the 6th site.Lindstorm made 10 different design but the Amir choses this one.


These 3 slender towers symbolizes Kuwait’s economic resurgence and also world cultural as well as a famous Touristic Landmark.Its location is ideally settled along the Arabian Gulf, and if you are lucky to have a nice clear,dust-free weather, the view from the viewing deck is awesome.The “Balls of Kuwait “which the locals referred to is designed in modern standards with combination of Islamic themes.Its quite identical to the blue-tiled mosques and slender minarets of Samarkand and Bukhara.
The height of the main tower is 187 meters (614 ft.) and consists of the ground floor,Main sphere and the viewing sphere.The main tower houses the “famed “revolving restaurant , cafe, and reception hall.The lower sphere holds in its upper a restaurant that can accommodate 90 persons and its bottom half a water tank of 4,500 cubic meters.Rising to 123 meters above sea level, the viewing sphere completes a 360 degrees turn every 30 minutes so that visitors can enjoy a full panoramic view of Kuwait city & Arabian Gulf.The viewing sphere is open from 9am to 11:30 pm.They still kept the coin operated binoculars.




The second tower serves as a water reservoir  and is 147 meters high.The third tower houses equipment to illuminate the two larger towers and supply electricity for some areas in Kuwait City.In my previous post, Kuwait Towers has Led Lights display every now and then .If you drive along the Gulf road at night, this sight could be such a delight.The Towers hold 10,000 cubic meters of waters on the whole.


There’s nothing much changed since the renovation.The Horizon Restaurant located in Ofok Hall can still experience a world-class hospitality at 82m sea level featuring international open buffet served daily . Now that its Ramadan, there are excellent choices of Iftar celebration held daily.Other notable restaurant housed inside the Towers is the Le Cafe which is a nice place to enjoy the scenic views along the sea.

Breakfast Buffet 8AM to 11:30AM for KD7.5
Lunch Buffet: 12:30PM to 4PM for KD14
Dinner Buffet: 7PM to 11:30PM for KD14

For reservations you can contact them on 22444021 or 22444038

If you plan to visit Kuwait, this is one of the “must see) sight in this city.After the renovation, this is now fully-opened to public and if you have a guest, I highly recommend that you bring them here.
If you want to go to the viewing sphere it’s KD3 per person. If you want to go to the restaurants there is no entrance fee. If you eat at the restaurant then you can go to the viewing deck for free as long as you keep your meal receipt. Children under 4 go in for free so my daughter entered free. If you’re going to the restaurants you can also park inside the Kuwait Towers parking lot.



I have heard rumors and read that the Kuwait Towers are now on UNESCO’s tentative list to become a World Heritage site. The first report was submitted back in May and later accepted by UNESCO in July. It’s only the first step but if it does get approved, then the Kuwait Towers will become the first modernist building in the entire Gulf region to be designated a World Heritage Site.Inshaallah!

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14 thoughts on “Last Glimpses from Kuwait Towers

  1. Finally, we are settled so I’m back on track…still so busy with getting acquainted with the new place & new home but we’re fine now.I missed following your posts here too.I’m going to catch up surely on your pages soon..Hope all is well on your side as well.

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  2. Good luck with your transition. We are getting ready to make a big one too! Going to be sharing soon on our blog. It’s just been a whirlwind time. We need to breathe!!!


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