Let there be TreeArt /TreeSquares

I love public Art, murals, Graffiti Art the unique concept behind it. So this time, I´ll share about a unique art that I have seen in Kuwait when I join the tour of the Arab Organizations Headquarters Building. This building is quite phenomenal , famed to be one of the most acclaimed building in the Middle East and it housed so many genuine arabic artisan crafts. More of the details of my visit there is written here.

When I saw this Art mural from the wall, I immediately took a snap of it.Little did I know that It can make it to Becky´s fun #TreeSquares challenge for this month and simulataneously perfect for Cee and Marsha´s #PPAC -Public Art Challenge.

Back to this Mural, it´s in black against a beige wall and shows the every day life in Kuwait–fishing, diving, and of course, the rows of Arabian palm trees! Another impressive Tree Art I saw was the “Samarkand Tree”, located inside the main Lobby of the building. This was done by a Kuwaiti artist, Jafar Islah.

Another worthwhile Public Art mural I found was in the heart of the Old New Souk Mubarakiya, created by Thouq, in the center of Kuwait.Shown here is the famous landmark showing the colors of Kuwait, Black, red & green. Of course, the infamous Kuwait Towers, and palm Trees, in Art!

Mural in SoMu designed by Thouq, Kuwait City

Read on if you are also curious like me about how Trees are propagated in scorching 50+ degrees heat in the desert of Kuwait. I´m telling you, it´s quite interesting, all made possible because of Cocoon Box!

Until then, stay safe and Tschüss!

9 thoughts on “Let there be TreeArt /TreeSquares

  1. This fits perfectly for both challenges, Just Blue. You have an interesting blog here, and what a life! I hope that you will fascinate us again and again.

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  2. What a lovely feedback from you Marsha, I am flattered. Your theme is really intersting, so I would love to do more posts about Public Art, naturally because I love art and painting. You guys really are inspiring so thanks!

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  3. Thanks so much. It is a fun theme. We don’t even post topics because everyone’s art and their understanding of what makes art is different depending on the locality and the mind and eye of the beholder. We are loving the freedom of it. 🙂

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