Nature inspiration in Landesgartenshau-Ingolstadt

Entrance to the Rose Garden in the Landesgartenshau-Ingolstadt

Last Saturday I was in a happy place–in this large botanical paradise, 15 minutes away from home, I was surrounded with beautiful summer blooms in different shades and heights, charming little gardens, and lush green oasis. I constantly hearing the sound of the bees and other insects and the calming flowing fountains and ponds. My worries about Corona were gone. Well at least on this day..!

The photo below describes exactly how I feel all throughout of our visit.

Breathing in and breathing out nature

There was pure Zen. Tranquility. Day of Rest and relaxation and pure bliss.

Who would be sad if they see all these beauties. I heard people saying ” Wünderschön…!” “Sehr schön…” and I couldn´t agree no more.

I totally got lost so I was constantly clicking my camera. I snapped and took photos of all the beautiful things I saw.Today was the day I need to improve my camera skills anyway…

Blue Sheep? why not… ( Blue Flock Art Project)

It was supposed to open last year but because of Corona, Landesgartenshau-Ingolstadt remained closed to the public until recently, but still with tight restrictions and hygienic measures, it finally opened for tourism.It`s amazing that a place like this pop up into our city, giving us a new destination to interact with nature. A place to bridge the gap between neighborhoods and a circle to meet with friends and serves as a natural sanctuary.

Charming and exquisite Floral arrangements and design

This was good news not only for me, but for so many nature plant loving humans over here.We needed a bit of fresh air from a long time of lockdowns. This place signals a new hope as well for thriving businesses , and multi-talented artists. Everywhere, people wants to go somewhere ,anyhow, it doesn´t matter, just being out from the house is great enough.

Children for sure wants to play outside, freely and no restrictions.Crawling back to normality in baby steps…

Silver + White is probably the right theme of this art installation…perfect for Life in Colour indeed!

I love visiting Botanical gardens and Garden show like this and it´s a big plus if my little miss can enjoy it as well.

Asian themed gardens

My little Miss was super excited to go. She knows it so well that there is a huge playground there so that kept her stamina up for many hours.I am personally very happy that we have now something in our city , like this green place that we can be proud of. This new “Green Oasis” just beside Westpark is the new magnet not only for the local residents but throughout the whole region. A visit to this place is open to all ages and I am sure everyone in the family will enjoy.

How to visit?

Because of Corona, a visit to this place cannot be done without prior registration and schedule. We applied for a schedule 4 days ahead then we got the confirmation to visit.No worries, everything can be done online and the entry procedures is generally easy.Everything about the location, schedule, Tickets and entry requirements can be found here.

As of today, the limit of visitors allowed to enter the park is up to 4,000 guests/day.

Parking is available in the areas near the Park. Map is provided upon entrance.

When to visit?

Ideal time is actually depending on your choice.Summer time means the floral and garden display will be all about summer blooms and Spring flowers are gone. The list of activities and park´s exhibitions including the programmes are all listed in here. Be there early so you avoid the crowds and long lines!

The park runs from 3rd April up to 10th of October 2021.

Corona measures?

Wearing masks in the closed areas such as the Floral exhibitions and public areas is strictly required and monitored. There are clean bathrooms for hand washing and disinfection stations everywhere.

Corona Negative Tests are not required upon entering the park although restrictions may vary and change depending on the actual Corona situation of Ingolstadt.

What to wear + bring?

Summer time is here, so unless it´s a bad weather, dressing up light is really good. You´ll be walking a lot so think about your own comfort.Wearing a hat and sunscreen is really needed as the sun can be harsh for long time exposure. If you have children, bring lots of snacks, extra clothes for change, bathing suits , towels,and shorts because they will be wet, dirty and sweaty.

Snacks and picnics are allowed inside the park. There are quite enough open spaces and huge picnic grounds ( with endless numbers of banks, rest areas, and recliners) for everyone to sit on.

There are plenty of carry buggies that you can borrow to put on your stuff if you have many things to carry.

Don´t forget to bring your camera, extra cash and lots of good mood!

Plant lover and have plenty of time to kill?

Are you also daydreaming of visiting a Spring Garden full of thousand od Tulips and admiring tropical paradise full of Orchids? or what about seeing for real a suspended Garden ?

Or what about a Botanical garden with Parrots with a castle in view in Münich? or just killing time trying to figure out how to walk into your own Labyrinth?

Enjoy the sun ,until then, Stay safe and be kind. Tschüss!

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