Grüßkarten and Meditational painting

Hello dear friends and lovers of Art!

I hope everyone has been doing well?I missed blogging so much…! If you are following me then you must know that I am so into these handmade crafts–greeting cards and everything! I just love everything about handmade …

Here on my side of the world is all okay.It´s been a while since my last update on my Blog but then it just happens like that, like being busy is quite the new norm.It´s still Winter here in Germany but my mind is elsewhere–somewhere warm and with lots of blooming flowers, specifically tropical flowers maybe, or some Hibiscus and exotic orchids!

On the contrary, here outside is nothing to see, only coldness, dampness and greyness. The colors have dissapeared and sometimes it stays grey all throughout the day, like the sun refusing to smile and cheer for another year.But then, Ive used the extra times I´ve had and get my hands busy painting and crafting again.So we are finally back in business!

This is what I called meditative painting. It can easily be done if you put ypour heart and mind into it! – You paint at the same time, and loose yourself meditating.

You are free to think of anything as you create your masterpieces. Be it flowers, good memories, animals or still life, any subject will do. This is what I do when I hit a slump. It always bring me back to good stand.I just let me brushes and paints guide me.

Super excited to share these with you guys! love the new themes I´ve created. It´s more like a rebirth and selection of my innate fantasy of botanical garden. My mind would always drift back to my favourite botanical garden in the Netherlands–the Orchideen Hooeve.It was such a beautiful place but then I couldn´t see it everyday.From time to time, I was imagining of these botanical beauties to come alive in my mind and appear in my cards. That the person who receives it may feel the same pleasure I have. Or sometimes I just want to radiate and enunciate some love into them.

After all, cards expresses and says what the words fails to say right?!

My favourite expression indeed “Say it all with cards“.

Here in Germany, people loved to give and send cards. I don´t remember this culture so much when I was in Philippines. People just buy some cards from shop and send it if they like, but I don´t remember anything special about it. I grew up with “Hallmarks cards” but I find them not so special.Again, it didn´t create a lasting impression on me. I never made a card for anyone back then.

Over here, children made cards in the Kindergarten. My neighbours send me cards on any occasion and people are just drawn to handmade cards. I find it really special when my daughter gave me handcrafted cards with different materials which they did at school. Those are really awesome !

It kinda grew up on me and I started to pick up on this culture myself. I started using materials that I already have and the rest is history. Ever since, I never bought a card from a shop. The other day, one of my friend send me a video of her office. I was so ecstatic when I saw that she framed my painting and hung it in her room. I find it special–no words to express my gratitude. My art was part of her life, her space, and her memory.

I would like my handmade cards made from tedious meditation brings out the emotions I wanna give. Emotions of love, friendship, gratitude and just best wishes. I want my cards to make people smile, and brings out happiness, knowing that they are special, remembered and not forgotten.

And that for me is the best meditational work of Art!

Would you like to receive one of these cards? Please let me know in the comment!

Thank you and have a nice Day.

Until then, Tschüss!

One thought on “Grüßkarten and Meditational painting

  1. Oh, I always love a card! 😋 You have an eye for how to make them look cool. As for the card culture, I don’t know… I mean, I always had penpals as a kid and sent & received lots of letters. Cards were appreciated too but they were almost always travel postcards… Before internet, as a teen, I had cards and other images plastered all around my room. Nowadays the only cards we get are Xmas ones and most of them are for the kids! 😃


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