After November Rain

It´s raining outside and the streets are wet.The city gardeners really worked so hard these few past days.I noticed that all grass fields have been mowed for the last time this year, everything is cleared and prepared for the coming freezing winter months.

Coming home the other day I noticed another truck with few men inspecting trees, “Baumpflege” it says, meaning Tree care. So even trees deserves a check-up before winter.

The drastic changes in our neighbourhood today are so evident. Many trees are almost bare, without leaves and just covered in thick mist. I did my morning run today and I actually get through with it neatly. I haven´t got to run for a week since I am cramped at work and gave in to excuses. I breathe in and murmured to myself “Golden October” is gone, now I am just running on piles of fallen leaves, like a carpet of browns, orange, yellows and rust.They will turn into soil later, right?

I am fascinated by roses in particular, the way they embrace the cold, hugged by mist and seemed to be still carefree. The sight of a rose with water droplets has such an enigma to me. It´s beautiful, delicate and yet so fragile.Pouting buds and still beaming with life, with it´s leaves curled up. Mine in the garden are already trimmed, pruned and cut. I guess they are already hibernating. I would like to do so as well, to hibernate and come back again in Spring, hopefully the virus is then gone, and probably dissapear here in Europe and migrated to the peaks of Everest where they cannot bother us anymore.

Even nature takes a break so why can´t we? After these November rains, are they even bothered again? Oh nevermind,I guess watching the rain makes me ramble things from my mind.

Either way, I totally enjoyed my run and captured these moments beautifully. November rains are not so bad after all.

Stay safe everyone, enjoy the weekend and Tschüss.

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